Action beats Reaction

Look who came to visit
Can't believe it has officially been 1 year #1downLifetimeTogo #28 #7
Equal input equal output #summershredding #iifym #flexibledieting 💀
•I don't typically post things like this but lately I've been feeling good with where I am in this process, the first photo was taken when I began my cut a little over a month ago, fully bloated after a meal while the second photo was taken first thing this morning with no food/water (that factors in *along with lighting*) but currently down 16lbs and still shredding. •It's crazy where persistency, proper nutrition and dieting can get you. When I first started lifting I thought I could out work a bad diet but that isn't true. It really is 80/20 diet to/exercise. Fitness isn't just about lifting weights it's also about discipline and what you consume daily; you get out what you put in. •People are always asking me how I do it but it's simple there's no secret formula just hit your macros *no meal plan*, stay consistent and work hard. (It's OK to have a donut here and there lol). If you apply this mindset to everything you do you'll see results. #iifym #summershredding #flexibledieting #knowledgispower
Happy National Siblings Day + my beautiful mama
Great finisher. 3sets. #livefit
They grow up so fast
The thing I'll miss most about Texas
Met some great minds today
When your mom sends you pictures of your dog living lavishly #NewYearNewLou
Bunny Hill Pros
Ugly bunch
Boys to men
Missing my homie a little extra today #houstondoggos
Happy birthday to my first love, thanks for blessing me with your good looks momma! Hope you enjoy not having someone to argue with down in Houston 😉
Quick Turkey Day 5k
After 10 years they finally tied the knot #tina4thenguyen
Wedding Szn
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