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Curator of vibes | Vibe catcher. Hosting/Marketing/Brand Ambassador / Deandremfrye@gmail.com #WeAreFamiliar @CatchaVibeDC

@throwingshadedc is gonna be epic tonight! Line up looking crazy. Got the boy @djmarauder as our special guest. Two special bdays. @loni._t and @sincerely.gen ! And our regular crew @farrahflosscett @mathias301 and @queeniedc as always!! Pull up for some shady fun! 10 pm @whatiscapo
Literally in the middle of a vibe. @catchavibedc is back at @velvetloungedc Thursday . 10 pm.
Drakes album is cool but its not for ME
I come from a family dominated by women and i would never ever wanna change that .
Throw your shade. CC: @throwingshadedc @_djbo_
We've teamed up with @mollyrosecreative to celebrate the first strawberry moon in a long time. The event takes place June 28th 2018. Come kick it with some of the coolest people in dc. Sounds by: @malcolm_x @themixxstress @tazz.hq @itsbaspy Host: @iamaceono @thankjah4lotus @anais_laurent @mua_sylviaa @1travynostra and @buzybaker FREE rsvp . $5 after 12:00 pm LINK IN BIO via @tentigersdc make surw uou follow @catchavibedc
In honor of DC's first championship in my life time I celebrated accordingly. All CAPS. Props to the Asian chick above me lol. Idk how she got there
You ever just feel like the coolest guy in the room? @xaviergrams
Typical behavior #dcfunkparade cc @marcokay
Big ups to @mollyrosecreative for letting me be apart of A Cozy Party vol 1. It made my birthday. Look out for more vibes from us two very soon. Catch A Vibe baby!
Idk what's more lit . 1. Me. 2. That guys Camron shirt 3. Or homie getting lit with me. #DreDay #DcFunkParade @foshodc x @catchavibedc 5/12/18
Voices in my head saying "Get em Dre" . #Dreday #Cozy
Was gonna post a witty caption but The Caps just beat the Penguins so they can go fuck themselves. #DCorNothing @buzybaker @chazfrenchmusic #Dreday
Another year on this earth. I must say this has been the weirdest birthday ever. I wanna apologize to everyone who showed up to Capo last night. In true rager fashion I slept through my own party. I heard that @farrahflosscett x @mathias301 held it down tho. Tonight I'll be celebrating at Big Chief via A Cozy Party headlined by ASAP MOBS own @thecozyboys . Pull up on your boy and share my born day with me! #maythe4thbewithyou #taurusseason
Taurus season is upon us! So you know what that means! It's time to RUN IT UP! @mollyrosecreative presents A Cozy Party vol 1. Features the @thecozyboys @farrahflosscett @dora_winifred @thereal_djfm pop up by @soduh . At the one and only @bigchiefdc . It's my born day. I'm gonna rely on all of you guys to take care of your boy. #taurusseason
RUN IT UP #taurusseason
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