🖤Sarah Katelyn (SKY)🖤

🖤Colorado, Stoner chick, 20yrs young🖤 🕯Wiccan, Crystal healer, Herb lover🕯 ♌ Sun sign Leo, Moon sign Aries♈ 💍Engaged To Eli💍

My beautiful little sister 🖤 going to her junior prom! 😭😭😭 #AllGrownUp #prom
my little paw sucker 🖤
when goth mountain girl, meets the little mermaid. 💋
Working on our art installment in the school @barz_303 🌻
good morning! time to cleans the tarrot deck, and myself. #goodvibes #tarrot #tarrotcards #palosanto #cleansing #witchcraft
Senior photo 🖤👩‍🎓
did my nails! havein a good night! 💖🐰 . #easternails #weed #stonergirl
secretly been takeing photos of alyssa for days lol. @x_satans_dick_x
Boomer was the only one whos allways happy to see me, no matter what.. hes been with me through everything. every breakup, every trama, every gut wrenching moment of my my life. boomer has been there. pushing his giant furry face in to me. telling me its ok. and that he loves me. Now I have to say good bye. its one of the hardest things i have ever done. I love you boomer. May you rest in peace. . Boomer Thomas Young  October 24th, 2004 - March 6th, 2018 . #love #goldenretriever #puppy
So sick right now! Hoping the zen will help. 🖤 #essentialoils #healingcrystals #saltlamp #selenite #butterfly
"It Wasnt Me!" 😂😂😂 @elidis420 @sage_wise #shaggy #itwasntme
On this day a victim became a survivor, The chains of evil have broken, and the clouds have parted. For today she found her light burns brighter then her fears. Her roar, loud as the lions. Her claws that cut like a knife. On this day she discovered she was fierce. And absolutely nothing, could stop her from shining. 🦁
boo 💖
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