Emmy Award winning actress Sony/Disruptor artist my whole life is about loving humans

life is not so serious 👼🏼🖤
clearly had the most fun today with @kingkongmagazine (y’all have got to get more comfortable with the human body. i’m wearing tights, over shorts, and a tank top. dancers wear less than this & a bikini is definitely less than this. everything’s ok. nothing bad is happening to you)
en français, s’il te plait
can you tell i had an amazing time at my first @comic_con ? thank you to all the fans of @marvelrising who came out to support me/the whole cast, we cannot wait for you all to see the show !! 👻 🕷
the love is real when the double chin jumps out. happy birthday, @paudachar i love you for now & for always. thank you for threatening any and every boy in/around my vicinity & always helping me remember my worth. & loads of other mush & things. HAPPY 23 PRINCIPESSA
personality pic
thank you @redvalentino 🥀
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