Demetri McDonald

I make bad jokes. I quote movie lines. And I write. 📸 - Photography: @xavierimages_ #CCU14

So today my best friend @kwashington06 graduated with his Masters in Social Work from USC as well as his sister with her Masters in School Counseling. Uber happy for them!! #USC #CCU #Chants #forevertothee
Me and my older brother with our little sister before her senior prom.
A day with the girls.
🥛& 🍯 - rupi kaur
🥛& 🍯 - rupi kaur
🥛 & 🍯 - @rupikaur_
More to love. 😄
Stopped working to play in the snow.
When you wear what you helped create. Thanks to @kwanfuller . #BoochiesInBusiness
What about your friends.
Take me back.
Today makes me 26 years old. #26andThick
Tina Belcher of Bob's Burgers.
A view you can't get tired of.
-rupi kaur
Being your typical tourist my first time in Washington D.C.
I need to go visit my brother again to do country boy things. #TBT #SC
- rupi kaur
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