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So goddamned ahead of my time AGAIN! (Don’t bring up the fact that I can’t find my nose with my finger on the first try. It’s the iron cross of five year old male grooming.)
Albrecht Durer’s ‘Melancholia’ has nothing on this photo. I’m just saying that to convince @jayfielden that I’m smart and should be allowed to write a ‘strange things in the upside down of Harbour’s brain’ column for @esquire mag. That really shouldn’t be the name of the column, it’s terrible. It makes the column seem terrible already, doesn’t it? But I probably will insist on it. Set the bar low...aaaaand yes that IS a candle in the shape of a bust of Napoleon thinking, yes that IS an NPR rubics cube (got all the answers wrong, ALL OF THEM) and yes that IS a penguin finger puppet I’ve had for years in front of a goggle eyed bird statue I bought in Oaxaca city.
Hair goals.
Me at Paris fashion week. I belong here about as much as the upside down. @prada and #miumiu are very cool and make fun clothes that barely fit my barrel chest. And her new #miumiu acid washed puffy patent leathery elastic waisted collection was badass. Huzzzzzah!
Don’t suddenly act coy, mug for the cameras and pretend you weren’t caught in this pda Henry. #NotMyDog #ferretdontcare #wasacatpersontilnow #joekeerystayaway
‘Guins fin Up on my twitter now @davidkharbour The petition is actually important, The dancing maybe not so much🙄
Penguin dance saga part 1 is up on my twitter page. 😬 Twitter: @davidkharbour
Just a few snaps from the phone of the majesty I see daily. The last being an animal rarely seen in Antarctic waters. Comes here once in its life to feed mainly on the rich ecosystem’s plethora of golden round ritz crackers. #protectantarctic
Playing hard to get...I may have to spring for dinner and a movie to get my groove on with these ‘guins. #onaboat #protectantartic #sodamncold #sodamnstill #somuchwildlife
And the award for least hairwashing goes to... #protectantarctic #WhereMyGuins ?
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