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Few iPhone snaps off the monitor of shots that didn’t make the cut. For good reason. Bottom right is front and center of the development board for our new soap opera, ‘the bulky and the beautiful.’ Many thanks to @yamphoto , @latimes and @glennwhipp for the lovely article. #jopper heads rejoice. When it rains it pours. #winonaforever
If you can’t posit from this, the #5wordspeech was ‘net neutrality you greedy dickheads’ I understand my reluctance to say Mr. Pai’s name, but it just seems silly to leave out ‘so’, ‘on’ and ‘and’. @hollywoodreporter THANK YOU for wonderfully directly quoting me and and it’s an honor to have the CEO of @thewebbyawards quoting my #5wordspeech directly. INDEED SIR, INDEED, we SHOULD call them dickheads... #netneutrality
Hambone Harbour and brilliant casting director Carmen Cuba closed the gate last night at a @Netflix #fysee thingy. It was bitchin’. #imelevennowbitch 😊😘
‘...enormous and powerful, about 10 feet tall and over 1000 pounds...a courageous creature with a natural instinct for solitude...outside of mating season he usually avoids other bears and unless provoked or attacked generally withdraws from human beings. Impressed with this famed giant of the wilderness, Avon created this handsome decanter.’ Introducing ‘Hopper’ from Avon. Available at Melvalds and other fine stores in Hawkins.
#oldheadshotday When I confused acting with narcissism, thought success would come rushing at my abdominal semi-six-pack, when I still had schlumpy embarrassment in my spine but not enough failure and pain in my life to really embrace it, and mostly, mostly an example of the cruelty and majesty and harsh but welcome instruction of Time. All those poor casting directors...
#worldpenguinday Artist, reveal thyself. Let’s work to make the earth a planet safe and glorious place for our species and several species of flightless silly fowl.🐧🌎
really excited about the new season of ‘the affair’
One day when I actually figure out how to use this Polaroid camera and am hailed as the genius photographer I am on the inside, ohhhhhh THEN you’ll be sorry, cast who is annoyed with me, then you’ll be sorry!! #backatit #justdinner #strangerthingsseason3 #joekeeryismyroomate
@target got season 3 spoilers and knows that ‘son of zorn’ has a very moving arc this year. The character development is astonishing.
BRB. Troll hunting with my boys Kratos and Atreus. Link in bio! #GodOfWar " #ad
Thank you gentlemen for your bravery and boldness with your upper lip’s irreverent follicle growth.
So goddamned ahead of my time AGAIN! (Don’t bring up the fact that I can’t find my nose with my finger on the first try. It’s the iron cross of five year old male grooming.)
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