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I don't even have to explain the context, it already explains it on the third panel for my own convenience. — Comic: Quantum and Woody #10 (March 1998)
Geoff Johns really stays on top of things aye.
I actually never even seen the Clone Wars, but uh... #CloneWarsSaved
The Titans trailer was very nicely put together. Too bad the show still looks terrible. #dc #dccomics #dcuniverse #titans #robin #dickgrayson #nightwing #starfire #raven #beastboy #hawk #dove #batman #fuckbatman
Everett Ross is one brave dude. Why else would T'Challa make him King of Wakanda? — Comic: Black Panther #14 (January 2000)
I kind of have no opinion Nick Spencer's The Amazing Spider-Man because I don't care. Peter Parker is going back to basics and is back together with Mary Jane, but is it even going to be any good after that? He even ruined my favorite Spider-Man villain Mysterio in this issue. Some of it was pretty charming and funny which is something that Skottie Young fails to do with his Deadpool series. This issue is basically a prologue if anything. It does touch on Peter's responsibility, but I already got the idea so it was boring to read. I guess I have to read the next issue for the story to actually play out. — Comic: The Amazing Spider-Man #1 /#802 (September 2018)
I dig it. Mattel's $10 DC kiddie figures are definitely better than Hasbro's $10 kiddie Marvel figures by a long shot.
Tom King has this uncanny ability to brutally ruin Batman's character. I really don't want to read this series anymore, but he did set-up an intriguing story around this horrible Batman that makes me want to read the next issue. — Comic: Batman #51 (August 2016)
Smooth Walker.
HasBRUH. Via @weareallrebelscum
Bloody hell.
The way Sebastian Stan delivered that line is so chill.
Thank you Hasbro, very cool.
If I see this in person, I'm going to lunge at it faster than I lunged at my landlord for putting my pet dog to "sleep" because of the apartment complex's no pet rule. Then, I'd run out of the store with it faster than how I ran out of prison.
The most comic accurate scene in Avengers: Infinity War. Yes, I've read comics where Doctor Strange struggles with money issues.
#DiscountGeekFact : Star Wars: Battlefront II is my favorite video game of all time.
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