Go with the swipe. Go with the fling. Go without wanting to put on a ring.

Hello. I’m Lucas, today it's my first day here in Diesel. What I can do better than EVERYONE else is show you each side. Of everything. Like all these pairs of shoes, which one would you guys choose? I could defo use some help here!! Or what - should I go for them all?
#Hello #world , it’s #Duncan . You can #call me #hashtag , all my #friends do. I'm #really into #hashtags , I'll hashtag everything and then just #hashtag . Did I just hashtagged hashtag twice? I'm on a roll! My #currentmood ? Well, #dangIworkatDiesel ! #firstday #firstIGpost #instagramrocksmysocks #GoWithTheFlaw #hashtagseverywhere #hitmewithyourhashtag #immahashtageverything
You’d better sit down for this. Literally. Our CEO left. And he left us not only with empty hearts but with an empty chair. Go to our Facebook page (link in the bio) and show us your amazing sitting skills. You may become the Diesel CEO (Chair Executive Officer). Not kidding. (I mean, yes, kidding. But in a not-kidding way of kidding, you know?) You will come to Diesel HQ in Italy and sit like a boss for a week.
Diesel On combines rock’n’roll spirit with world-class technology to create a one-of-a-kind full touchscreen smartwatch that screams to the world that you’re not born to fade into the crowd. That’s not an option. NOT AN OPTION. Also, think about this: it will not only save you from looking bad socially (how many times you check your phone’s notifications while you’re having dinner?), but probably will save your phone battery a lot too. More battery = more phone conversations. 😊 ❤️The Diesel On touchscreen smartwatch ❤️ literally stands out from the competition with seven bold, customizable dial options, each of them can be modified in hundreds of ways. Basically, it comes with happiness included. The kind of happiness that only the ultimate accessory can give you. Or ice cream. Or kissing someone under a Summer storm. Anyway. It also has super cute dial effects and unique visual enhancements (like: the appearance of a cracked screen when a private notification is received, super tech weather filters that change if it rains, or shines, or it’s windy, or freezing or whatever - don’t ask me HOW is this possible) Oh, and it's nice to always have the time on your wrist, too.
Hey, still Veronica here. I was thinking today about how some items of clothing are marvelous – and none more than the leather jackets. Whether bomber, biker or fringe, trend cannot touch it. They just improve with time, they’re just MAGICAL. 😍 Wearing this biker jacket will make you always feel like a life champion, whether you’re cutting up the highway or sitting under a secular baobab in a forest. Crafted from robust leather in a lean silhouette, it is an undeniably cool classic. 😎 Wear it with staple denim: this look will enhance your look while high-fiving your colleagues in the morning. Fit it with modern cargo pants and I assure you everyone will think: he’s the one. 😎 You’ll need no perfume: this 100% Ovine Leather will lure more guys and girls and cats and dogs and parrots than you want. And finally, get rid off backpacks. Feel free to move, to rotate, to change socks and hats and partner thanks to five zipped pockets. 🤘 Simply M:A:G:I:C: 😍😎😉
Hey, y'all! We all know Winter is coming. And even if most of us will not sit on a throne at the end of this season, there's something else we care about with the same intensity: looking chic, regardless of the forecast. 😎 Outside it’s gonna be cold and you’ll be frozen most of the time. When you won't feel like an ice lolly, you’ll feel like a burrito: no one is cool layered like that. 😉 Let’s say it loud: cold is not cool. So, when you'll take off your coat this piece will make you feel just amazing. It features a classic grunge-era check pattern: have your weekend comfy and with a touch of asymmetrical allure. Like every secret weapon, this is not just a long dress. It’s also a long shirt. You will feel sexy and unique, and the squared pattern will make the wearing experience kind of, pleasingly circular. (also, is finished with an unbelievable number of buttons to make your strip-tease the longest tease your partner has ever had...😉!)
Hey, y’all! Veronica here 💃 I’m so excited to work at Diesel, you cannot even imagine. 😍 It’s my dream come true, such an unconventional brand, it’s amazing! This morning I woke up, I couldn’t even have breakfast, I was so nervous for my first day here, I ate just a donut and some chocolate. And took a Frappuccino with extra cream on the way. Last night I went to this party and everyone was like “drink, drink, we have to celebrate”, you know, but I just couldn’t, I was just thinking “OMG, I cannot go with a huge hangover on my first day there”, so in the end I drank just three cocktails and that was it. But tonight it’s gonna be a fun night, we’re going to this freaking great concert, it’s gonna be amazeballs, I’m telling you. I’ll obviously get on my Diesel outfit on and rock it all the way 😎. I really hope I get to meet the band though, that’s like the best thing about the concerts, you know, cause you can listen to them whenever on your phone and stuff, but getting to meet them, that’s the real deal. Ok, I know I talk too much, but hey #GoWithTheFlaw ! Anyways, happy to meet y’all!
We are on the same line @monica_harmony... #repost "While it may look like I've got it all together. I clearly don't and it's perfectly fine. Striving for IMPERFECTION." #GoWithTheFlaw
Go with the snore, go and don’t get bored @_andinoos #GoWithTheFlaw
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