young boy

Terry McGinnis. 📸: @brianmckee_
Practicing to perfect.
Ӎ - This is a table, a precursor to ӍERCHANDISE branded furnishings.
A daily reminder.
🏂 📸: @brianmckee_
Lucky and Henry - sometime last year.
For a couple weeks in 2014, I walked around with one of those huge vhs cameras recording the city and my interactions, one thing I didn’t expect was the amount of people that approached me. One of many.
Like I’m the last one standing.
Double holstered.
So after about a whole year trying to figure out the direction I wanted to take with myself as an artist and a solid brand, I can say that I’ve figured it out, at least for the mean time. My most personal project to date, experience my current mind state. Link in bio. @m.merchandise
A new beginning.