Defy the Odds of Weightloss 🍏

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I am easily aMOOsed. 🐄
I think she looks a-Dora-ble!
Guess who has two new flavors?! Cookies n’ Cream and Peaches n’ Cream! They are both so yummy and can be found at Sam’s Club! Which flavor are you most excited to try? #premiercookie #premierpeach
me pulling up to the drive thru like...
@theemariarobles ❤️My girl keeping it 100% REAL. Preach!!🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼 Our bodies are ever changing and waiting to be molded how you want. It’s cliché, but don’t judge someone based on how they look on the outside, you don’t know their story on the inside.
What worked for me in four words: calorie counting and cardio. I restricted my calories to less than 1300 a day, did cardio nearly every day and set the goal of burning 300-500 calories daily. I ate low carb but not keto; I didn’t even know what keto was at the time. If I had a craving for sweets I would have a 90 calorie brownie bar or kettle corn popcorn but watch my portions. If I had a dinner with friends I would look at nutrition info ahead of time so I was prepared; I would also eat less during the day to give myself extra calories in the evening. If I skipped a workout I would tack on the calories to another day or days. What has worked for you?
🍦Every day should start with coffee, and end with ice cream 🍦what’s your favorite flavor?!
Just wing it. Life, eyeliner, everything.
It’s the little things. Like being able to sit in an airplane seat comfortably and fasten your seatbelt without getting anxiety. #nsv what’s your non-scale victory?
Happy International Women’s Day!
Every damn day
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