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🖤 happy monday 🖤
Happy 50th birthday to the best friend this girl could ever ask for, my Dad, Dan the Man, @djrdemon 🎈 First things first, don’t feel too old since we all know you’re actually 12 years old and today isn’t the actual day you were born. But, I’ll celebrate you any chance I get. 50 years... it’s been 50 years since you were born and blessed this world. I’ve only been alive for 26 of them and I can say, you’ve taught me the greener side of life, how to bring a positive out of a negative, how to change a flat tire in the rain, the meaning of unconditional love, a lot about muscle cars, and so much more that I am forever grateful and thankful for. I hope as another year counts down and goes by, that you have the best year of your life going over this hill! Here’s to hopefully winning the lottery and having a great 50th year ❤️ Love always, Your only girl xo
💕 enjoying the last hours before I hop on a plane back to Toronto, leaving a piece of my heart in Venice. I know I’ll be back again to claim it 💕
Every one of these girls made my lil vacation. I came out feeling all sorts of feelings and levels of depression, I had time off work so I decided to take a leap and just go out back to the place that helped me find and love myself, and I’m so happy I got to do that. I’ve got to meet so many amazing people, but especially this group of women; they made it what it was. None of them may know it but they’ve helped me in even the simplest ways on this journey of mine. I feel refreshed, loved, and most importantly I feel happy. I don’t know where this life will take me, none of us do for that matter but I am so happy it put me in this place at this time. 💛🌴🌼✨ thank you @instabecks_ & @jrat_tai for letting me stay with you and loving me the ways you both do, I’m forever grateful. I love you all 💕 thank you for letting me plant myself instead of burying myself xo
🎄 Merry Christmas to all my friends & family! ❤️
🖤 my forever 🖤
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