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This comment section is gonna be painful to read. Regarding the "Titans" trailer. I've never seen more hate comments on a trailer ever. Is it really that hard to not lash out on the internet about something that you wanted made your way? Seriously. Ridiculous. It's gotten to a point where if someone doesn't agree with your point of view, they'll attack you until they feel they've won. I don't know guys, the internet loves negativity. I feel horrible for the actress that portrays Starfire in TITANS because she had to disable her IG comments due to extreme hate comments.... Its going too far. Yes I'm not the biggest fan of the design (of Starfire) either, but you would never see me commenting something nasty on her personal page. Ever.
Remember guys, AQUAMAN TRAILER drops tomorrow! @prideofgypsies @aquamanmovie
After a few views of the "#Titans " trailer, here's what I think: It looks fantastic. I'm really not buying into all these complaints and moans about what people may think about this show. I honestly love the look of this. Robin and Raven look INCREDIBLE. Can't wait to watch this series! What are your thoughts?
β€œThe studio isn’t planning to mention a Snyder cut or to release any alternate versions ofΒ Justice League.” -Senior Executive from Warner Bros. I don't really believe this to be honest. What're your thoughts? Source: The Wall Street Journal
So I'm betting many of you have seen this trailer already. Nonetheless, here is the trailer for DC's "#TITANS ."
My two favourite things from 'Suicide Squad': Harley Quinn and El Diablo. What were yours?
What I'm hearing is that Affleck is staying on as the Batman but they won't use him in the solo movie as they need a younger actor for the Batman prequel. It would be badass if after the story is over they flash forward and we see Affleck as the Batman briefly. Just my 2 cents. Also, who would you cast as a younger Affleck?
Someone recently asked me what Warner Bros' and DCEU's biggest fault was.... Of course we can all say something like 'Justice League.' However, I actually think having no movies between 2013 (Man Of Steel) and 2016 (Batman V Superman) was a mistake. That's 3 years with no DC movies. I mean, I don't mind that they didn't have movies in between but I think it would've been the right move that would've helped establish their universe. Thoughts?
New SHAZAM! image. @SHAZAMMOVIE @zacharylevi
Look at all those references! Repost from @entertainmentweekly ! #SHAZAM "The first photo of @AsherAngel as young Billy Batson in @SHAZAMMovie has arrived! This new pic shows 14-year-old Batson (left) as his true self, along with his buddy Freddy Freeman (@JackDGrazer , right). In DC's #SHAZAMMovie , Batson is an orphan granted an array of magical powers by a mysterious ancient Wizard β€” all he needs to do is a say a magic word to transform into a full-grown superhero, SHAZAM! πŸ“·: Steve Wilkie/Β© DC Comics."
Ocean Master and Black Manta look damn incredible. So hyped for James Wan's 'Aquaman!' Repost from @dcunews.
Captured by the almighty @clayenos. Superman and Lois, during 'Batman V Superman.'
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