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Regram from @AquamanMovie . . . Home is calling. #Aquaman – in theaters December 21. Watch the new trailer this Saturday.
It IS a really big galaxy, Superman. Keep looking. What did you think of the THRILLING first issue of SUPERMAN?
Prince Khufu's artifacts may hold the key to Carter Hall's past, but can the adventurer survive a trip to Ancient Egypt? Share your review of HAWKMAN Issue 2!
Families that run together, stay together. Share your review of the EPIC #FlashWar finale in THE FLASH Issue 50! #TeamWally #TeamBarry
Why have a pet dog when you can have a pet cow? #AllAmericanPetPhotoDay
Join us for a Super Hero Ice Cream Experience featuring samples and fun giveaways at San Diego Comic-Con in Petco Park 7/19-7/22! Also available now in grocery stores nationwide. #superheroicecream #ad #sponsored
It seems as though the world just can't leave Selina alone. What's your review of CATWOMAN Issue 1?
For Kandor. Share your review of THE MAN OF STEEL Issue 6!
To mayhem, and beyond! What'd you think of writer @samhumphries ' "Harley Quinn vs. Apokolips" Part One in HARLEY QUINN Issue 45?
Happy #4thOfJuly from the Kents! What are you doing to make your #IndependenceDay Super?
So we end another superman themed Instagram take over with me @brianmbendis Thank you for supporting the Man of steel, Superman, action comics and all the cool Jinxworld books we have coming your way this year. Thank you for making my dreams come true. And were just getting started. I promise. I leave you with just a little taste of @ivanreisart on superman the series. We have been teasing that some of the biggest stories in the DC universe are gonna be happening in Superman. When I say big, we mean THIS big #manofsteel #superman #rogolzaar #thanagar #thankyou
The superman office sent me this adorable Supergirl variant cover by @amandaconnerart I just had to share it with you #bendisdcinstatakeover #supergirl #krypto
Exclusive! This is the cover to Pearl number 3 from Jessica Jones cocreator Michael Gaydos. As I’ve told you on other Instagram takeovers, one of the very exciting parts of my new situation with @dccomics is a safe and fresh home for my collaborators and myself to do our new creator owned stories. Pearl is the first creator owned comic by myself and Michael. We’ve been working on it forever. We’re so excited to debut her world as a reluctant assassin tattoo artist. Check out this gorgeous fully painted artwork and tell your local store you would like them to pre-order the book for you. That’s how you can support us in our Creator owned endeavors #bendisdcinstatakeover #jessicajones #pearl #yakuza #yakuzatattoo #michaelgaydos also posters and temporary tattoos will be available at San Diego and @rosecitycc
Check this out! This is the cover to Supergirl 21 by Rachel and @terrydodsonart for those enjoying man of steel and Supergirl’s role in it you will not want to miss out the blistering new creative team of @realmarcandreyko and Kevin maguire #supergirl #rogolzaar #manofsteel #bendisdcinstatakeover
a lot of you heard that I am doing my first Batman epic with the amazing @nickderington as part of DC’s new Walmart deal. This amazing outreach program is built to bring new customers into comics book stores on a regular basis. Here is a very very early first look. A taste, if you will #batman #nickderington #walmartbatman #bendisdcinstatakeover
Upcoming cover to superman issue six by @ivanreisart @joeprado2017 I did post this a couple of weeks ago but it seems that some people still think that we are going to murder this young super boy in man of steel. Look! He’s right there, or is he? #superboy #superman #jonkent #superfamily #manofsteel #bendisdcinstatakeover
Join me in celebrating the work of @jfabok he is one of the best mainstream comic book artists working today and my collaborator on man of steel number six. I am so grateful that he said yes to this. This issue is actually double sized at no extra charge. I went over my page count and Dan Didio just said: great! It’ll be a gift for fans who supported the book. So you’re getting a lot of extra pages tomorrow for no extra price #comics #manofsteel #jasonfabok #superman #dccomics #dcnation #bendisdcinstatakeover
Hey! DC nation! This is @BrianMBendis it’s Tuesday and that means it’s another #bendisdcinstatakeover To celebrate the release of Man of Steel number six. The big finale to our super size superman super spectacular! @jfabok and @sinccolor Bring us a double sized whopper that sets us up for the big release of superman 1 and action comics 1001. to start things off right, here is the exclusive first look at the variant cover to superman number 2 by last week’s man of steel spotlight artist Adam Hughes @atomhues #superman #loislane #manofsteel #bendis #bendisdcinstatakeover
The face you make when your best man kicks off his wedding speech with a bad joke. #InternationalJokeDay #Batrimony
Mera's a true warrior, but taking on all of Xebel may be too much to handle! What's your review of MERA: QUEEN OF ATLANTIS #5 ?
Register to #run a #5K or #10K in the brand new @dcwonderwomanrun Series launching this fall in Sacramento, Oakland, and Los Angeles. More locations coming soon. Sign up today!
You need to stop running, Flashes. If you don't, you might break the Speed Force! What's your review of #FlashWar Part Three in THE FLASH Issue 49? #TeamBarry #TeamWally
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