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Colorado native, Electrician, I love my country 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

So this is the first shirtless pic I have ever posted. Back in August when i started this journey i could only dream of the results i am seeing. Pretty much doing cardio and some light weights I got amazing results. It has been hard work and every day I wanna worker longer and harder to see how far I can go. I’ve learned something along the way, you have to motivate yourself! No one can make you do it. So now i am strong enough to use more weight with my right arm. I am so excited to move forward and continue my journey. #bestrongwhenyouareweak #fitat45 #alwaysmoveforward #broken #halfofabicep #nevergiveup #beyourownmotivation #gym #gymlife #ccm #unusablerightshoulder
Finally looking like Colorado in winter time.... #coloradosprings #colorado #winterisback #snowing
I just had to share a pic of my new edc. I love it! It’s a badass knife🇺🇸 #merica #wethepeople #edc
Finally back on track after fighting pneumonia!! What a battle it’s been and my lungs still aren’t a 100%. Keep moving forward and push, Ive started lifting a lot more, I’m definitely starting to see gains and I’m definitely bulking up. If any of my lifting friends could point me in the right direction of what supplements I should take, I would really appreciate any help. It feels good to be back on track! #clubgruntstyle #gym #fitness #keepmovingforward #45andfit #broken #beyourownmotivation #nowyourplayingwithfire
Happy Monday everyone!! I’m sitting in the doctors office, my little chest thing turned out to be pneumonia..... I’m so ready to get back to the grind!! Hopefully I get clearance to get back in the gym today. Got this new shirt from @denrichapparel , can’t wait to try it out in the gym!! #gymlife #keepmovingforward #broken #fitat45 #denrichapparel
Well, I’ve not rolled into 2018 the way I wanted to, stupid chest cold has me down( so no cardio ). I keep moving forward doing what I can, and still I feel guilty, like I’m cheating or something. Can’t wait to get over this nonsense and hit it hard again. Here’s to a new year of goals, that I can’t wait to crush! #bestrongwhenyouareweak #endurebravely #keepmovingforward #barbellfaction #fitness #45andfit #newyear #goals #gymlife #broken #neverquit #beyourownmotivation
To quit the club or not quit the club, that’s my dilemma.... not quit the club is where i stand!! I love my Gruntstyle gear! (Still a few missing from this collection) #clubgruntstyle #gruntstyle
Got this bad boy for Christmas from one of my younger brothers. “Barrel” is a nickname given to me when I was a freshman in high school, and it’s stuck all these years... thank you Keith!
Merry Christmas all! I hope everyone has a wonderful safe day! Sure digging the ornament #clubgruntstyle
Lift Free! Great day in the gym! #gruntstyle #gymlife
What can I say about my first 90 days, it was hard, somedays were harder than others to stay motivated, sometimes I wanted to quit..... but I kept moving forward, seeing progress one week at a time and sometimes, not much, but enough. At 45, I feel more fit now, than I did in my twenties. Just a little over two years ago, I was so broken I didn’t know how i could function with a broken back. And then had to deal with my shoulder. I just wanted to quit! Instead i have been training Relentless, staying on the positive path to healing. Don’t ever feel like there is anything that can stop you, be your own motivation! The day I got hurt 3/28/16, I weighed 286lbs. today, 216lbs. So if I can do it with titanium holding my spine together and a unusable right arm, anyone can. I can’t wait to see where this journey takes me, this is just the beginning. I will #keepmovingforward and staying Relentless! @barbellfaction , love the shirt! #endurebravely
#colorado #sunrise ! The start to a beautiful day...
This is the start of my 12th week, the results I’m seeing are awesome! I’ve been trying to kill it it on leg day! And now I’m seeing some great results..... so I’ll #keepmovingforward , and continue as long as I can, there may be a delay on surgery, I’m happy and sad about it. If I have to have surgery, I just want to get it over with... until then I’ll keep fighting the good fight!!
One of my favorite #clubgruntstyle shirts! #freedomneverdies
Things were going great! I’m down from 256lbs. to 232lbs. I’m getting nice and toned up, I’m 10 weeks into my program and get the news I have to have surgery again. My right shoulder is and has been dislocated, my surgeon says I can’t go through life like this. In the near future I will have surgery, probably the week after Thanksgiving. So until then I’ll keep moving on and #keepmovingforward , I feel so great! The thought of another surgery makes me cringe, what do you do? I’ll keep my spirits high and a smile on my face and I will hit this head on and give it my all to get back!! And with Gods grace i will be better!
Sure dig my Girls Gone Grunt shirt!
I got my Halloween shirt on! @gruntstyle
TBT... working on the OPBAT hanger, southern Bahamas.
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