Into the night. #vouschurch #miami

Saturday. Taught Wyatt that the team gets infinitely better when a girl is on it . #wiffleball #playballandtalktrash #VOUSGIRL
Hey V O U S G I R L. Our first gathering of 2018. This Thursday, March 22. #VOUSGIRL is a sisterhood of strength for every season. Every age. Every story. This night is free of charge and we can't wait to see you. Bring all the women in your life! ITech Auditorium March 22, 2018 7:30pm
This song is precious to me. 5 years ago today the patriarch of our family went to be with Jesus. My brother @dezduron wrote this incredible song and tells the beautiful story behind it below. I hope it encourages you. I want to be like my Papa Rodney, who loved people unconditionally. Thank God we'll see him again. Repost @dezduron :5 years ago today. The patriarch and founder of so much that is my life went to heaven. Heaven a place he talked about so often. When he talked about it, it sounded too fantastic for my imagination to touch yet as accesible and real as walking into the next room. When he passed I found myself feeling extreme feelings of guilt and missing out. Being young before he got sick I didn’t feel I spent enough time asking him questions learning his story. I also felt for my dad. I knew if he lived my grandpa as much as I love him then he was going through a lot of pain. I wrote a song for my dad in tribute of my grandpa as well as well to deal with my own feelings of longing to know where I come from and the legacy behind me. I love you Papa Rodney! I know I’ll see you again
Nothing better than hearing stories of people's lives being changed by Jesus! This morning was incredible. #friendofsinnersbook brunch! So many new faces and beautiful stories! WOW. Blown away by the people we are able to serve alongside. Thank you @richwilkersonjr for being you. Can't wait for Sunday. #JESUS
I love watching our VOUS College students grow and thrive here in Miami! Each one so unique yet all are committed to sharing the love of Jesus, serving others and building the local church. If you're interested in being a part of the movement, join us March 25-27 for Vous College PREVIEW. You'll learn all about classes, accreditation, community and church! Plus get a feel for our vibrant city! To sign up for Preview Day visit vouscollege.com @vouscollege PS. Applications for Fall Semester are now open!
I’m grateful for every encouraging comment over the last few weeks telling me that I’m crushing Mom life but the truth is I have a LOT of help! Wyatt is 7 weeks old and I'm able to go speak, lead and do so many other things because there's an army of support from family and friends helping to carry the load in the middle of a crazy season including a new location launch and book release. And even with all the help it is a lot for me! I think sometimes we can see peoples lives on social media and put unnecessary expectations on our own journey without seeing the full story. Every mom’s journey is different and every child is different. Lets go at our own pace, reject fear, embrace the stretch and celebrate the journey. I sure am glad I get to share it with you. #gratefulforcommunity #runyourrace
So excited for the season premiere of #bookofjohngray tonight on @owntv 10pm est/ 9pm c. Love the way @grayceeme & @realjohngray are shining the love of Jesus around the world! Proud of you @richwilkersonjr for being a part of this special project. #JESUS
Link in Bio! Today is the day! #friendofsinnersbook is here! Couldn't be more proud of you @richwilkersonjr . This book is incredible. You lead by example. Wyatt is so blessed to call you Dad! The prayer of our family is that #FOS speaks life to your heart as you read and points your eyes to JESUS! And it's a great gift for those you love. Enjoy the read - available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble! Audio also available. #JESUS
I can think back to specific books that changed the course of my life. I know in my heart that #friendofsinnersbook will have an impact on countless lives because the message is JESUS through and through. Tomorrow is the release of #friendofsinnersbook and I'm praying for all the hands it will be placed in. Believing that hearts will be opened to the mind blowing love of Jesus with every page read. If you haven't pre-ordered - this is the last day! Go for it and buy a few extra to give away to those you love. I'm so grateful for the message we are all entrusted to carry. Jesus is the friend of Sinners. Now that is GOOD NEWS! [available on Amazon and Barnes&Noble ]
My red headed, blue eyed boy started smiling this week! Wyatt has always giggled in his sleep but now he looks in my eyes and coos while smiling ear to ear. Heart explosion. God is SO good. Thankful for week 6. Soaking up the moment.
May we be the women who stand together, pray together, laugh together, run together, dream together, cry together, give together, persevere together, grow together, occupy our post together and conquer together. May we welcome more daily to sit at the ever reaching table of Gods grace and strength we have found. All around the world, I honor every woman. You are a treasure. Don't walk alone. Don't fight your battles alone. We're better together. #internationalwomensday #vousgirl
Link in Bio. I couldn't be more expectant for the impact of this book, Friend of Sinners, as it releases March 13th! I believe it is a message for you and literally everyone you know! I'm continually inspired by the way @richwilkersonjr pours his entire heart into any endeavor. This is truly special. So excited for this week! Preorder today on Amazon. LINK IN BIO. #JESUS #FOS
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