Into the night. #vouschurch #miami

Stop this train. Loving every second of this ride. Wyatt Wesley Wilkerson is 5 months old today. Our fave things as of late: hearing him find his voice, watching his eye brows furrow with his focused stare, making him laugh hysterically as we get him ready for bed each night, watching him learn to roll his lips and make silly sounds, rolling all over the place and slobbering like crazy. And as of this week moving around in this contraption like he's ready to walk or something. I love my boy.
"The Longing of a Leader". Been thinking a lot on the brilliant message from CREW catch-up this past Wednesday exploring Romans chapter 1. Thankful for @richwilkersonjr . Excited to study Romans again tomorrow @vouschurch . See you soon fam ❤️
Treasure the moment.
Tonight. Was. Incredible. Crew Catch-up SZN 2 was the best yet. So proud of the incredible leaders who make VOUS Church a family for so many. VOUS CHURCH at LIV. Thank you so much @davegrutman ! We love you.
Thankful the executive order was signed this afternoon to not separate families. I posted this earlier this morning before it was signed and I'm leaving it. Because there is still so much to be done. Thousands of children still need to be reunited with their parents. Let your local leaders know. Ask questions to those who can give real answers. Let's be a part of the solution and put love in action. I know many you have been looking for solutions to this current crisis. Read the S3036 bill for yourself on congress.gov. If you live in US this is something you can do right now so this stops NOW. You're already on your phone. Dial 202-224-3121. Ask to be connected to your Senators office. State your Zip code. When connected say "I live in (_) and I support S3036. That is the Keep Families Together Act" It must to stop. (This pic from congress.gov) #nocommentneededjustchange
This was right before my phone died. I'm glad it turned off. Sometimes the last thing you need is your phone.
I love my Dad with all my heart. Forever my hero. ❤️
Fathers Day represents something different for every person. Our personal experience here on earth paints the day in shades of gratitude or pain. I'm thankful that because of Jesus we are able to experience the true depths of our Heavenly Fathers love. You are seen and LOVED. With a flawless, inexhaustible love. You belong and you have a family. He imagined you before you existed, created you and still today the love of your Heavenly Father pursues you. You are a child of God. #HappyFathersDay
First Fathers Day. A large part of the joy of this new season is having a front row seat as you pour your love and life into our son. It's powerful to witness and I couldn't love you more. Thank you for being faithful and fun. Thank you for pursuing Jesus first and building His house with your life. You create vision for our marriage and home. Enjoy this day my love!
Found my foot. #WyattWesleyWilkerson
I couldn't be more excited for VOUS Conference 2019. It's our 10 year anniversary for conference and we're making more room! Moving to Watsco Arena With 7,000 seats, adding another day to the schedule (Thursday-Sunday) and expanding the breakouts with so many topics you'll love! It's the perfect year to bring your fam, friends, leadership team, youth group and co-workers! Right now is the best price it will be. $100 for early bird. Register today. Link in BIO. #JESUS
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