Davide Maria Zema

/ MA student at KADK | Copenhagen, Denmark / OBJECTS. Editor | objectsmag.it/ / Co-Founder @thenightnovel

"But what do dreams know about boundaries?" - Admiring our Patch Jacket from the n:ght novel Spring Summer 2019 Collection in its Camo variant. - The camouflage @ntmajocchi fabric has been initially designed for the army and only after transformed into a stunning fashion fabric through the flocking process on its surface.
Jun Ishikawa Architect / OHCHI-01, Tokyo, 2008 . #sundayexercise
Circularity | Axel Towers, Lundgaard & Tranberg Arkitekter, 2017 . #sky #fragments #shotoniphone
Estudio Barozzi Veiga / Art Center, Gijón, 2010 . #sundayexercise
Aires Mateus / House In Leiria, Leiria, 2010 . #sundayexercise
Charles-Édouard Jeanneret (Le Corbusier) / Tower of Shadows, Chandigarh, 1957 . #sundayexercise
VAILLO + IRIGARAY Architects / Church Prototypes, Pamplona, Unbuilt . #sundayexercise
Hi, cool balcony | Messner Mountain Museum Corones, Zaha Hadid Architects, 2015 . #concrete #embossment #shotoniphone
Álvaro Siza Vieira / Portuguese Chapel, Algarve, 2018 . #sundayexercise
The house of God(s) / Tanaf, Senegal
Plan Team: Junhong Chen, Davide Maria Zema .
The project arises from a unique aspiration: to be Tanaf’s cornerstone, a pulsating heart able to provoke an unprecedented urban development and for this reason located in the barycentric point of the village. 
The complex is intended as a door between the local context and the sacred, a protection not only from inner depths but also from environmental problems and health emergencies. 
It is, therefore, a synthesis between the context specificity and its own autonomy, characterized by a timeless clarity and formal dignity, able to be closed and open at the same time thanks to its penetrable limit. An architecture specifically though from and for the place, able to stand and further develop in new scenarios.
The complex is modeled as a penetrating scenic sequence.
SET Architects / Bologna Shoah Memorial, Bologna, 2016 . #sundayexercise
I am extremely proud to announce I am the Co-Founder of the fashion brand the n:ght novel (@thenightnovel ). - May 17, 2017 Francesco (@francescomoggi ) and I met in a downtown café in Milan for a quick lunch just to discuss and understand if there was the synergy to start together this great project. After one hour we had already filled the café table mat with sketches, ideas, logos, objectives. And in less than one year, GLIMPSE, the n:ght novel very first collection, from ten sheets of paper has been transformed into ten garments, completely 'Made in Italy' from fabrics to production, with unrivaled design and construction quality. - I have deliberately wanted to wait to announce publicly my involvement in this project because life has taught me to be fair and grateful: fair because of my staying in the shadow until today so that this dream could recognize his fatherly figure in Francesco. And grateful because of his searching and wanting me to share his passion since day zero. - GLIMPSE will be available from next September at SlamJam (@slamjammilano ) both in-store and e-commerce. - This is our novel, and you should judge it from the cover.
Alejandro Aravena | ELEMENTAL / Innovation Center UC - Anacleto Angelini, Macul, 2014 . #sundayexercise
Mario Cucinella Architects / Santa Maria Goretti Church, Mormanno (to be built) . #sundayexercise
Void / Ville Urbane, M2P Architetti Associati, 2013 . #stairs #light #shotoniphone
Rojkind Arquitectos / Foro Boca, Boca del Río, 2017 . #sundayexercise
Lamborghini Road Monument / Sant’Agata Bolognese, Italy . Monument 1 Section Team: Junhong Chen, Andrea Trenti, Davide Maria Zema Project developed in partnership with @italcementi for @lamborghini . The project, with its volumetric purity, evokes in the matter a dualism with numerous interpretations: art and mathematics, history and innovation, instinct and rationality. The purity of the first volume is hit by the physical sign of the man who was able to scratch the ordinary to make a difference. The bas-relief pointed towards the Company represents the evidence of this visionary wave and of its impact on the witnesses of today. The high-relief on the opposite side points instead towards the world he devoted himself and his creations entirely to. A monument, in all its simplicity, that converses with the surrounding territory, made sacred by the man who deeply marked it. . #davidemariazema #07DMZPF
Peter Zumthor / Bruder Klaus Field Chapel, Mechernich, 2007 . #sundayexercise
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