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Silly golfers! Don’t turn your back on a heel! @topgolf Tampa @rootsoffight
I don’t know much about soccer but I know a lot about kicking ass. FINAL SCORE is in cinemas in UK & Ireland Sept 7. #dreamchaser
Huge thanks to @tampatheatre for not only their hospitality but also for bringing “Won’t You Be My Neighbor” to Tampa. I needed to see this. Everyone needs to see this! #143
Took this awhile back but per request.... dueling snores. 😂 Frankie B. Bautista and Baby Jane (Janie) Bautista😍
Posting this for no particular reason. Sleeping puppies just makes me happy so I wanted to share. I love these guys more than I can explain. They all three snore by the way. 😂..which also makes me very happy. Music to my ears. ✌🏼Top pic:Janie and Frankie ,Bottom Pic:Sadie and Janie
Happy Independence Day! Wishing everybody a safe and peaceful 4th. ✌🏼🇺🇸 #proudtobeanamerican
So for my monumental 200th post I’m proud to be hanging with this amazing human being. Proud to call him a friend. He’s an inspiration and I feel blessed to know him. @arnelpineda2007 #pinoypride @journeymusicofficial
So for the last two months I thought @kumailn really liked me but to my heartbreaking dismay it was all an evil mastermind deception in preparation for this blindsided attack. I’ll admit I can really respect the patience and calculated premeditation ...but fuck dude! You could’ve just asked me nicely to call you the #PakistaniDenzel ..... #Stuber
The Champs are here!! That’s a wrap for these dudes! The Animal and @kumailn raisin hell! #pingpongkongs Real proud of this one my friends! #Stuber
When you get escorted to your @airbnb at 4am by two very understanding and very large police officers because someone made a mistake on your reservation and the overzealous property gate guards won’t let you into the house you’ve already checked in to. Where all your stuff is!! In the middle of the night! After you’ve been working all day! And you’ve called the owner of the house several times! And texted! And emailed! And shown the idiot gate guards your reservation confirmation! And bitched them out for turning another guest away @rob__degroot at 3am forcing him to drive an hour back to fucking Atlanta! Anyway.. these guys made it turn into a funny story I’ll be telling years down the road. But I’ll still probably go with hotels in the future. 😖Thanks guys! ✌🏼@rootsoffight
Everyday is leg day! #grind #dreamchaser #Stuber Legs courtesy of hard GD work and @hypertrophycoach
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