Danny Duncan

I just like to laugh and have fun @daddyduncan

Need to go here and handout hundreds of shirts to students right before school starts 😂 grab yours @ dannyduncan69.com
Love seeing kids hustling on the streets. Selling flowers not drugs 🙌🏻❤️
The storm runs away from Danny in fortnight.
“We’ve came a long way bro” 😂
Met my biological mother 😂❤️
Virginity isn’t just a word, it’s a lifestyle.
Why does cabbage taste so good?
Danny White & Shaun Duncan. Two American heroes 🇺🇸🏅
Donated to the softball team 😂 like when you see it.
I traveled 500 miles to give you my seed.
Daniel-san, the greatest kung-fu fighter, who also quickly became the most feared; defeating all of the toughest men that stood before him. However, this photo was taken right before the fight against someone he never thought he would have to face; himself.
Happy Valentine’s Day! I love you! ❤️❤️ hope you enjoy these cards I made you. Tag your loved ones
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