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I did get my workout in earlier today. I did a HIIT routine I also got some yard work in. I almost put the workout off until this evening but I just knew that if I worked out in the yard first I would’ve been tired and just said okay that was my workout for the day. I’ve got to make exercise a priority! That’s how I “fell off the wagon”. I stopped making health and fitness a priority. Another thing... I survived picking up leaves today without a monster back injury like last time. I made sure to squat instead of bend. I must have done 1000 squats today! So I guess you could say it was a booty and cardio kind of day. Lol I think I’m definitely going to need a rest day tomorrow cause I am sore. Maybe a little yoga. 🤷‍♀️
Today’s workout was upper body. I’m working on lifting heavier dumbbells with lower reps. I really want to build up my strength again. At first I was thinking that if I went with lower reps it would be such a quick workout and I would feel like I didn’t do much. However, I was wrong. I slowed down and made sure to feel every move and my muscles were getting quite fatigued that I had to take a bit of a break between each move. So it actually was just as long of a workout if not longer. Although with the reverse fly I did have to lessen the load just a bit. It felt great! Tomorrow I have some HIIT and yard work on the schedule.
My Logan, every time.😜
This is part of my workout for the day. I’m not even close to being where I was a few months ago physically. Everything is being modified and I’m having to take more breaks. I have no excuses, it was my own doing. I’m not mad a myself anymore for all the loss of progress. Being mad just was keeping from continuing on. This is where I’m at now, I’m okay with it. I know that if I remain consistent I will gain strength, get conditioned and be back to where I want to be soon enough. In the meantime it’s all about slowing down and modifying. Do you all like the videos? Should I start recording my workouts again?
This song never fails to get me pumped up! Before or during a workout. It’s got such a great cadence and beat to it. I used to listen to this all time when I ran. Many years ago before my knee was completely jacked. Yep. I’m showing my age a bit with this song but that’s okay. Although my 18 year old daughter loved this song too. Can you ever go wrong with a little Journey? Are there any songs that get you all pumped up?
We had a great trip to Orlando! Ate some great food but didn’t go crazy. There was no exercising unless you count all the walking through the parks. I’m happy to say I didn’t gain any weight Now it’s time to get back to business. I’m excited and ready to start making progress again.
After a crazy morning yesterday, 6 hour car drive, and a late night last night. The alarm went off way too early this morning and some serious work is needed to cover the tired on this momma's face.
Friday's public service announcement. Do not swallow gum. 😂😂
Im a little little obsessed with pink and green together lately.
Tonight's workout. I'm happy to say I used heavier weights throughout tonight. I don't count reps because I seem to always lose track of those and how many sets I do. I use Pro Seconds timer app. It keeps track of everything for me. Those that have 1:00 means 30 second per side. I went into this workout really not wanting to do it. It was a long day and I'm tired and still have a kitchen to clean and dishes to do. I put my headphones in turned up the music and went to work. It's amazing what music can get you through.
School field trip with this handsome little dude of mine. ❤️
Slowly but surely I'm trying all the Halo Top ice creams. So far my favorite flavor is Candy Bar and Birthday Cake. I still have a lot more to try though because Walmart keeps getting new flavors! I saw strawberry today and am definitely going to have to try it too. My verdict on this ice cream is.... it's no Ben & Jerrys Phish Food, but it is really good and certainly satisfies a sweet tooth without all the added calories.
The horror! I can't believe I survived it!
Not long ago there was a person that started following me. I checked out their page and it looked interesting to me. You know, like I could learn some things or pick up some tips from them. After seeing some of their posts I noticed that they are very critical of certain fitness related things. Such as my beloved HIIT workouts and some other successful people in the fitness industry who make aerobic type videos. Now, I'm all for liking what you like but I definitely don't think you should go around trashing other ways of doing things. Wether you are in the fitness industry yourself or not I am by no means a fitness professional. However I do believe that if you are you should encourage ALL activity. Not all people are in the same place physically. Not all people can bench 100+ pounds. Not everyone can run. Some people are just starting out in their health and fitness journey and that kind of talk can be very discouraging. My point is, I don't think there is a wrong way to be active. If walking is your thing walk, if weightlifting is your thing then by all means do that. If Zumba or dancing is what strikes your fancy then go out there and shake your booty. And if you're into cheesy 80s workout videos with people in leotards and leg warmers... rock that shit! Don't let anyone ever tell you that you are exercising incorrectly (Unless of course they are giving you with constructive criticism with form so you don't injure yourself). Just because your doing what you like and what excites you does not mean that it's easy for you and that you don't have to make yourself do it. And don't let anyone tell you any different.
Please say it counts! If so, I get a lot of cardio in.
A trip to Walmart and suddenly my kids seem like angels.
Yea, I'm not actually that grown up sometimes.
The equipment for my full body workout today. . Kind of pissed that I have to switch to the lower weights half way through some moves because I've lost some strength. Kinda pissed that my conditioning has taken a hit because of setbacks and my own poor choices. Kinda pissed that I made those choices. Kinda pissed that losing weight and building strength doesn't happen faster. Kinda pissed that I can't drink Dr. Pepper and eat buttery popcorn and still lose weight. . Okay. I got that out of my system. Im done bitching and whining... I think. . As pissed as I am about all that , I'm am glad that I'm staying on track with eating and the workout did feel good even though I'm not at the level I want to be.
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