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Tatted up @simonjloof in London.
I photographed @paris.brosnan ten minutes ago, he came to visit me on set after surfing and I pulled out my box of matchsticks.
@lilireinhart bring on september! Can you believe that THIS is just a little shoot we did for fun?! But the best is yet to come.
The multiple characters inside @simonjloof ! I’m currently in Cannes photographing some exciting people. Challenging myself. That’s important!
Growing up I was always finding ways to be creative, there weren’t many people in my small town who I could share this part of me with so all I had access to was my inner self. From a young age I experimented with my style. I couldn’t afford designer clothes so I would sit for hours cutting up my own pieces, making outfits I thought were cool. I realized very quickly that my style and taste was different from those around me but something about that excited me. I was insecure growing up, I still am. As I formed my style, I also formed a character, I felt so confident putting on my self made costumes, I felt powerful, I felt myself. Looking back there was a sense of loneliness when you feel different to everybody else but now I see that there are so many of us, so many creative minds and it’s wonderful to see and collaborate with young creative people who share this spirit. Thank you @troyesivan for being a bad ass and letting me turn you into me for the day.
Finally! @lilireinhart
Come on a journey with me. Spend a moment seeing life through my eyes. I think that I always had the ability to view things differently, I see beauty in pain, I see beauty everywhere, probably because there is so much pain. I spend so much time in my mind looking back on my life remembering it all in flashbacks as if it was somebody else, wondering where I found myself or if I’ve even found myself. Thanking the universe for helping me discover my gifts that I can share with the world because I know how hard it is to not know where you are going, who you are, what to do next, what’s right and what’s wrong, what it’s like to feel crippled by anxiety and depression that nothing seems possible. But it is. It really is. I found the path through my work, my art, my entire reason I feel alive. I found freedom communicating with so many of you who make me realize that none of us are alone. And now we will find power and growth in sharing our art and never letting anybody tell us what we can and can’t create. @simonjloof you are a dream to photograph.
We are the reckless, we are the wild youth chasing visions of our futures and soon we’ll reveal the truth. I like these words a lot, I feel proud to be part of our generation: we have pride and power, we want to generate change, we appreciate art, we appreciate each-other. We are lucky to connect and share who we are. I feel blessed having friends all over the world, living my life with each and every one of you.
I feel like I haven’t spoke with you guys for a while, how are you? @flynnagin11 invited me over to his home whilst he is in London and we captured some pictures in his favorite white vest.
I remember when I was at school, not really having any direction or idea of how I wanted my future to be, I was so lost. I didn’t realize being an artist could also be a profession. Growing up in a small town you don’t understand how many opportunities are out there and can be achieved so easily once you take that first big leap. Ive learnt more now in the past few years of leaving school and jumping into the world than I ever learnt growing up. Life is truly about experience.
I want to make movies also
I had the pleasure towards the end of 2017 to meet some of you. Prior to this I would receive messages asking me if I only photograph ‘famous’ people. This bothered me. At fifteen I was just like you, photographing my friends who I grew up with, who were generally all characters, as I am myself. I like to photograph interesting people, that is what I enjoy most. It made me realize that I wanted to meet you. I set a date in New York and those who could make it turned up. I got to connect with you, share stories, share art and with pleasure, I got to photograph you. I will forever cherish the laughs, the inspiring stories and the motivation you all came with. Thank you for the endless support and comments I receive. I only hope that I can make you inspired and happy with my pictures as you make me with your words. I’d love to meet more of you... #DamonBakerLiveTour
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