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I was looking for a specific picture of Seb, and these two photos showed up back to back, and it made me snort. I can just hear someone calling Seb, “White Wolf!”, and he would turn around and be like “Nah, it’s Papi Chulo!” 😂 #sebastianstan
Okay but, Will posted something back in December saying he was getting married, and he’s already been wearing a ring...maybe they’re just having a bigger ceremony now. Anyway today hasn’t really been the best day, but we got a new pic of Will and Seb, and a new pic from We Have Always Lived in the Castle, so that’s a plus. And I hope Will has a fantastic weekend; I love him and I think he is hilarious in the One Minute Men videos, and I’m happy for him. #sebastianstan #willmalnati #oneminutemen #Repost @imsebastianstan ・・・ #flashforwardfriday here we go @willmalnati 🤵🏼👰🏼
New still from We Have Always Lived in the Castle! I need this movie like, right meow. #sebastianstan #whalitc #wehavealwayslivedinthecastle
I binge watched Political Animals today. I honestly admire Seb’s range so much. You really feel for TJ when you watch, it’s almost like he legitimately feels the pain TJ is feeling. He’s remarkable. Well I think so, anyway! #sebastianstan #politicalanimals #tjhammond
Thanos is so dumb, the Stones have been with Seb the whole time! #infinitywar #avengers #sebastianstan #buckybarnes #wintersoldier #whitewolf #infinitystones
This is my literal face when I look in the mirror and try to focus on something I like about myself 😬#sebastianstan
Instagram user @rxana3 passed along her very cool experience working along side Seb when he visited Romania in the spring! I could totally be a bodyguard...I could run in slow motion, sing the Whitney Houston song, and dodge baddies by bouncing them away with my big butt. I mean it would be weird, but it could work. #sebastianstan #aiff #aiff2018 #americanindependentfilmfestival #bucharest #romania #buzzfeed #buzzfeedcommunity #rxana3
In case you missed it, a fundraiser event has been created in honour of Sebastian’s 36th birthday! Please feel free to share, and any questions or concerns can be directed at the very lovely @sebastianstanfansclub ✨ Link in bio! #Repost @sebastianstanfansclub ・・・ As part of our birthday celebration for Sebastian's 36th Birthday, Sebastian Stan FC and Oana Rizea Photography (@oanamihaelaphotography ), together with Constanta Prin Ochii Autismului (@constantaprinochiiautismului ) and WC4S (@wecare4seb ) humbly announces "Sebastian Stan's 36th Birthday Fundraiser for the Children with Autism from Constanta, Romania" Yes, you've read it right, our dear follower. Constanta, Romania... Sebastian's hometown and birthplace. Constanța prin ochii autismului (Constanta through the Eyes of Autism) is nonprofit photography charity event founded by Oana Rizea, with her husband, Christian, and some friends. It is a charity event where photography is being taught to the autistic children of Constanta as part of their therapy. Learn more about Constanța prin ochii autismului and their wonderful program at https://oanamihaelarizea.wixsite.com/prinochiiautismului The fundraiser will run from July 18 until August 20,2018; and every donation you made will go directly to the Constanta prin ochii autismului. Our goal is to reach $1000(USD) as a Standom’s birthday gift for Sebastian and the children with autism in Constanta. Spread the word with your friends and family. P. S. Send us your receipt and we will post it into our stories. The link is in our bio. 💗 💗 💗 💗 SSFC and friends #sebastianstanfansclub #sebastianstan #birthdayforseb #autism #charitywork #inspiration
This is a nice contrast to the article I posted yesterday. Seb at 25 - wear tight clothes, please and thanks. Seb at 35 - How can I be of service, make people feel heard, safe and protected? It’s always nice to see someone evolve and become better versions of themselves. He seems like such a sweetheart. Ugh I freaking love him. #sebastianstan
LOL I found an old Cosmo article featuring Sebastian from 10 years ago. I wonder how he would answer these now, at 35, versus 25....To be honest, I would love to pick his brain about lots of things. You know what would be great too, just like 10 random things we would be surprised to know about Sebastian. @imsebastianstan Tell us something good, something we probably wouldn’t already know! (Somehow I’m envisioning him saying he takes bubble baths and watches soap operas while eating pizza or something) #sebastianstan
Tuesday is my “lucky” day of the week (for Aries), and clearly it is! These new/old photos are glorious! #Repost @anthony.odwyer ・・・ Portrait of @imsebastianstan #sebastianstan @starlightchildrensfoundation @starlight_uk
I’ve never seen these pics before, look how gorgeous his hair was! His hair looks fab at any length. #sebastianstan #wintersoldier #jamesbuchananbarnes #buckybarnes #captainamerica #civilwar
Sebastian at the premiere of Blindspotting in NYC last night. I see him and her Drax’s voice in my head saying, “This is a man.” Photo via kyle4president on Twitter. #sebastianstan
Fear him! He is an international threat! 🤣 I love him, as “scary” as he is! 😉 #sebastianstan #jamesbuchananbarnes #buckybarnes #wintersoldier #captainamerica #thefirstavenger #civilwar #infinitywar #avengers #avengersinfinitywar
My mother in law is going to Chicago for work tomorrow, and you better believe the first thing I said was that she needs to go to @loumalnatis because of Will and Seb! I was like, “My favourite actor is friends with his son, he has restaurants too!” And of course I told her to go to Toro next time she goes to New York too. I am a veritable fountain of useless information for people. Plus I’m good for endorsing Will’s family restaurants. I should be one of those IG brand ambassadors or whatever you call them. And now I can tell people about the @oneminutemen videos too. I can endorse all the things! 🤣#sebastianstan #willmalnati #oneminutemen
I love a good photographic parallel! I hope Seb isn’t one of those guys that man spreads and sits like this on public transportation though, I seriously loathe men who do that. Like don’t squish me into half a seat just because you think your twig and berries are that oversized, I guarantee they aren’t. But Seb looks great doing it in these pics. And I feel like Seb’s the type to over-apologize if he did smush someone; not that I’d be upset about it, he could punch me in the face and I’d probably thank him for the encounter 😏 #sebastianstan
I hope good things happen for Bucky; especially when I read stuff like this. I want to see Seb continue to do his awesome acting, and Bucky enjoying better things. #sebastianstan #buckybarnes #jamesbuchananbarnes #wintersoldier #captainamerica #thefirstavenger #civilwar #infinitywar #avengers #avengersinfinitywar (Via frickss75 on Tumblr)
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