Violet Benson

Everyone has an alter ego, this one is mine 💁🏼 Foreign/Speak 3 languages/Weirdo FB show: Top 5 With Violet Benson 💌 V-DAY ⬇️

When you’re a strong independent woman who don’t need no man which is why you told every man to piss off and now all you have left is food so you’ve become an emotional eater to make up for the fact that you’re not having sex. No...? Just me? Okay cool. Bye.
Girls normally: ow don’t pinch me that hurts!! Girls during SE❌: punch me in the face u forking p🚫ssy
Posted a video on @violetbens0n discussion exactly this! Go tag ur bff so I can stalk yaaaaaaaaa 😍❤️👯‍♀️
For you it’s Valentine’s Day but for me it’s just another lonely Wednesday and I’ve been thinking about my bed ever since I got out of it. 💖
No woman will ever be truly satisfied on V day until they create a man with a penis that tastes like chocolate that ejaculates money. 🙃 SOUND ON (@drinksforgayz ) (@britneyspears )
Imagine how smart I’d be if I didn’t lose all my brain cells drinking since I was 15... I’d probably be a millionaire vlogger tazing dead rats in my spare time but instead here I am..... (stealing memes for a living LOL jk..)
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Shoutout to those friends that always have ur back no matter what weird phase ur going through in life. Those friends r so important.
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