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Congratulations @cian_c . . . . . . 👊👊👊
Still ready...... Team: McGregor F.A.S.T. @thenotoriousmma @fast_doc @serpiconinja 🎶 @notizemusic •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• ask at mcgregorfast dot com for program enquiries. Website link in BIO for program details & SIGN UP (T&Cs apply)
Preparation...... #mcgregorfastconditioning (Issa #tbfriday ) 📸 @serpiconinja
Location, location, location: Our Portugal HQ & The Shinobi Academy. You're welcome! When Team SBGIRELAND & Silverback Jiu-jitsu came to town. Cardiovascular performance training (in- & outdoors), skills based M.M.A/BJJ, the 200+ step challenge at Camilo Beach, and the mandatory dip in the sea post-workout..... #bjjlifestyles #mmalifestyle #cardiovascularsystem #conormcgregor 's #fastconditioning 🤼🚴🏊🏋️🏃🤙
#Repost @thenotoriousmma (@get_repost ) ・・・ Think of the scapula at all times.
Good man, Craig! 🤙🏾🤙🏽🤙When @fast_doc and @serpiconinja aren't available, we call in the main man himself! #Repost @craigo2293 (@get_repost ) ・・・ The plan for the next 3 weeks with @built_tolast_fitness is to strengthen up my legs in order to take part and complete the #darknessintolight walk without the aid of my wheelchair only yesterday it was time to do 3000 metres with a difference I had @thenotoriousmma backing me all the way he didn't have to give me his time or kind word's but he did out of pure kindness❤ he showed me some things with the Conor McGregor F. A. S. T. program and I did 3,500 on one leg it was hard it was tough but with his help and motivation I got through it. @coach_kavanagh gave me the opportunity 3 years ago and since then I've gone from strength to strength in life and martial arts it's given me confidence and self belief and with @thenotoriousmma telling you you're doing a good job it can only make you feel good. I'm blessed to have come this far and I aim to keep on improving with my coaches @built_tolast_fitness @coach_kavanagh and every person at @sbgireland now I keep moving forward to the next challenge which is a 5k walk I'm gonna smash with the amazing people around me. 🔥 This Is SBG I Will Always Be Okay. 💜 #darknessintolight #conormcgregor #motivation #UFC #disabledandproud #Stronger #MacgreorFastProgram #Proud
When the Mac Life himself, eyes up the {original} Mac Life logo in the Champ-champ room Welcome to Portugal my friend.... #Repost @dunphstagram (@get_repost ) ・・・ The Mac Life in @shinobiacademylagos at the Conor McGregor F.A.S.T. HQ 😎 . 📸@serpiconinja
The long awaited record time of the 223 steps... Past (Conor, Artem, Lee, Cian, the Shinobi Academy crew, F.A.S.T. coaches) and present runners (Brad, Katie - SBGIreland & WAMMA). Watch till the end for the time. We're not sure anyone can beat our record holder though....😉 #heartratetraining #camilobeach #algarvelifestyle #algarvetourism #portugal_photos #teammcgregor 🎥 @serpiconinja 🎼 @notizemusic @polaruk_ire
The scene of the record breaking performances.....anyone who comes out to train with us, will get to have a go.....see who's run the guantlet in the next post... #200stepchallenge #heartratetraining #redzone #orangezone #camilobeach #algarvetourism #portugallife #algarvelifestyle 📸 @serpiconinja
You need to be 18+ years to take part in our program, and yes, the training is suitable for women. Brad was joined by @katiesaull who also trains out of @sbgireland & @wammacanada Take a look at what Katie had to say about her time with us.... #conormcgregorsfastconditioning #cardiovascularsystem #heartratetraining Coach Colin ( @serpiconinja ) w/ @polaruk_ire
🔉sound on. Highlights of the bespoke F.A.S.T. program that TUF contender @bradkatona took part in at our Portugual institute last week, coached by Colin Byrne ( @serpiconinja ) Using: @wattbike @polaruk_ire 🎶 @notizemusic The full video is live on our You Tube channel #conormcgregorsfastconditioning #heartratetraining #cardiovascularsystem #theultimatefighter
Joining us this week at our Algarve Portugal academy for some 1-to-1 training w/ Coach Colin Byrne, is @bradkatona & @katiesaull 🇨🇦 who both train out of @wammacanada & @sbgireland 🇮🇪 Footage of some of their bespoke training will be live on our You Tube channel soon... You can catch Brad on this season's The Ultimate Fighter under Team......???? #tufcontender #theultimatefighter #ufcultimatefighter #mmalifestyle #teamcormier Vs #teammiocic
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