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Heart rate zone, orange & red are the 3 zones that you will be expected to train in each week. Full details are listed on the website for a description of each... #heartratetraining
Sleep is important! How important? We explain all in our Top 5 series on You Tube: Conor McGregor FAST Conditioning 🔽
We throw 🔙 on Tuesday, cuz we can.... 📸 @serpiconinja 🐋
🚴🏃🚣👊⏱️ #Repost @thenotoriousmma (@get_repost ) ・・・ The conormcgregorfast conditioning program is the true animal. 10 TRUE weeks long this camp was. To reach THAT shape. On the MCGREGOR FAST program. 10 weeks. Amazing! Sign up for this program at For the real only. It's ten fucking weeks. And for the not real trust me. I will see every single person that attempts to utilise these methods without respect. Pay your respect. McGregor FAST. 10 week camp. Look at the fucking shape I am in. I am like a statue on Dublin's O'Connell street. I might put one there someday.
Our top 5 foods NOT TO EAT is LIVE on the You Tube channel....🎥 But, I guess you already know that!!! Anyone still eating any of these? 🤔🤔🤔 Production by @fast_doc & @serpiconinja #foodforthought
Who hasn't done this exercise! Now you know why NOT TO, and the alternative exercise to do instead.... #conormcgregorsfastconditioning #conormcgregor 's #strengthandconditioning #top5 #dosanddonts #dosanddonts ✔️❌ Routines featuring: @kieranikin
Remember our instructional from a few days ago? It's already been performed by the best! #conormcgregor #strengthandconditioning The correct way to perform an exercise... The F.A.S.T. coaches @fast_doc @serpiconinja have some more top 5s coming up for next week.... Oh, you're not subscribed to our You Tube channel yet? ⏳ There's still time.... #Repost @themaclifehealth (@get_repost ) ・・・ The “Toes to Bar” exercise that @thenotoriousmma can be seen doing is the king of leg raises and is a vital exercise to develop total body strength, from core to grip. . . . #themaclifehealth #themaclife #conormcgregorsfastconditioning
DON'T, just DON'T DO IT! #conormcgregor #strengthandconditioning #top5 Subscribe to the You Tube channel: Conor McGregor FAST Conditioning....we have many more 'dont's' coming up next week....
If you're doing this exercise: STOP IT, RIGHT NOW! There is an alternative, but if you're subscribed to our YOU TUBE CHANNEL: 💻 Conor McGregor FAST Conditioning, you'd know that already..... #top5 #conormcgregor #strengthandconditioning Breaking it down into 'bitesized' pieces....
The TOP 5 ineffective exercises that you should AVOID? Who's guilty? Swipe up on our 'Gram stories for the You Tube link to the full episode. Oh, you're not subscribed yet? 🤦 Go on then, hit that subscribe button on YT. This series has only just begun.... #trainingmyths #top5 #mcgregorfastperformance #mcgregorstrengthandconditioning 🎥 @serpiconinja
Throw 🔙: FOCUSSED!
We push you harder than you'd push yourself. This is what your effort in the Orange or Red Zone should look (& feel) like... Brazilian/Portuguese Pro M.M.A. fighter @kikoaof found out what it was like to train with one of Conor McGregor's F.A.S.T. Conditioning coaches @serpiconinja in Portugal for the week. Cardio in the morning, skills based training in the evening. And, we've another week to go. Training in association with @wattbike & @polarglobal @polaruk_ire We'll be updating on IG stories throughout the week.... #cardiovascularsystem #heartratetraining
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