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It was from 10 YEARS AGO @marvel wtf!!!!! How did u not know about the tweets till Now!!?!?!? He already had a script for GOTG Vol 3!!!!!! Apparently he deleted 10,000 tweets so... I guess I can understand y. But Wtf r u gena do now!! U could bring the guy on the 2nd slide but to be honest, James Gunn was far better at balancing comedy and emotional moments.
Well this became a meme pretty quickly.
Holy CRAP this new trailer looks incredible!!! And the classic suit 😍😍😍
Plus there's got to be some blue alien in Force Awakens
I'm posting this 14 minutes too late cause I was busy watching this film.
O hell yesss!!! Credit @avengersgeek
It's not a place, it's the people.
Which scene involving Thanos collecting a Stone was the best? 🤔 I have trouble picking a fav between Soul, Mind, and Time
Based on his character name being the same as Chameleon's real name, signs point to a 3rd villain in this film.
Did u know about this?
😂 Sony is making fun of themselves at this point.
I just starting reading Ultimate Spider-Man a few months ago and its pretty solid. Sure I didn't like some of the changes of origins for certain characters like Venom, Carnage, Gwen, ect. but Bendis gets said more crap than he deserves.
2018 looks best to me. How about u?
I cannot agree more with this post. While both are kinda overrated is many regards, Black Panther is at least a good movie. Wonder Woman is mediocre film with a decent two thirds and a damn awful third act. Both are widely talked about for breaking new grounds in 21st centre filmmaking, but one is competent while the other is a flawed mess of film, with a theme that dropped 100 minutes in to give us a CG shit show.
The true villain of Ant-Man
How this scene should have played out.
We you see Infinity War opening day on the biggest screen in your state, and tickets for that theater sold out within a few hours, 1/4 of the people still left when the credits rolled. Like wtf kind of person is big enough of a fan to pay $15 dollars and buy their ticket 2 months in advance for opening day, yet leaves before the credit scene????
Damn I'd rather see this film.
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