Collyde Prime

Jon snow's illegitimate african son. True king of the north.. Adman at TBWA. Cartoonist at AWONDA.

The devil in a red dress. Stay true to yourself. I address bullshit when its time to (×2). Stay away from this hoes.
@peter_ecoma went ballistic with the colors on my ogun piece. More Collaboration is soon coming! 😈😈😈
This is what dopeness is about! Millirocking spinning and stunting on y'all for real! #doubleice #instagood #naija #swag #lifeandtimesofamadillustrator
Throwback of life! Still miss these guys very much. Brothers for real!!!
Designed and illustrated by collyde prime. Copy and creative director Ralph Idu. For Leo Burnett Lagos. Client Lekki gardens.
Sorry guys..had to repost and adjust a few things left out. Introducing Rick kamoru. Mad professor at O.A.U ife. #illustration #designedbycollyde #drawing #rickandmorty #fanart #cartoonoftheday #awonda #naijacomics
I am not to big too answer your questions! If I don't Reply immediately it means I am busy. I also learn from the answers I give based on past experiences or research. Feel free to holla at me when you are stuck!
Stay focused keep creating content!
When you pray to God for just one big commission to keep you going for the month. He gives you three with crazy deadlines. The Lord shall embarrass you with work this week. Say amen?
Hahahahaha! 😂😂😂😂
I am all geared up! After we finish this...
I ain't taking shit from nobody this year. I respect women but some are just so ignorant it takes a lot of patience to deal with them.
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