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"Obstacles are put in your way to see if what you want is really worth fighting for." • "Les obstacles sont mis sur votre chemin pour voir si vous le voulez vraiment" 📸 @avp___photography
Cheat meal this weekend?😏 • I find that having a cheat meal helps me reach my goals faster. When I know I will get a treat on the weekend, it helps me stay focused on my diet all week and even makes me train harder because I feel I have to earn it. • Depending on your goals and fitness levels, a cheat meal can be beneficial for you because it can help to shock the system and increase the metabolism. • Click the link in my bio to read if a cheat meal would be a good idea for you too! @clintonstdubai 🥞
If you're a power athlete, you should definitely look at incorporating some Olympic lifting into your workouts.🏋🏻‍♂️ • They're amazing to improve your power and explosiveness. I remember when @me_beauchemin and I started doing weightlifting back in 2003 to improve our sprint starts, all of a sudden we were flying! (Pretty crazy to think how 15 years later she's now been to the Olympics twice and won gold at the commonwealth games🥇)
I've been using the Fiber and Detox products from @renewlife for a few weeks now and here's how it's going so far. You can get them at @supercarepharmacy #renewlife #renewyourgut #firstcleanse #supercarepharmacy
One of my favorite exercises to work on acceleration is the prowler push. Sprinter @talalalalami definitely improved his drive phase in his races from doing a combination of heavier pushes and lighter, quicker work. (Here he's pushing over 240kg!) • Here are the main reasons why I love making my athletes do this in their programs. 🔸️It can be a great way to increase leg drive and force output unilaterally for sprints 🔸️It teaches the athlete to use their whole body as one to push in one direction. For a lot of sports, you need to push opponents out of the way and this exercise will help them do this with more power. 🔸️Because the exercise involves concentric contractions but not eccentric ones, you can use variations of this exercise much more often to work on strength, power, conditioning and even weight loss without having to worry as much about having to recover for days.
A great exercise to incorporate into your training routine is the BOX JUMP. Here are some of the reasons why: 🔸️Will help you develop power and strength in your lower body 🔸️Will work your posterior chain and make you jump higher 🔸️ Will make you more explosive for sports 🔸️Will make you look badass for the Insta (especially in slow motion) 🎥 @jreesbr @thephysicaltrainingcompany #trainwithcoachnic
How much protein should you have? ALL OF IT!😅 • Or almost. If you're trying to add on some muscle like I'm doing right now, aim for 2.5 to 3g of protein per kg of bodyweight...which means I should be getting 258g to 309g of protein, per day🍖🥩🍗 @theroost_ae last night was a delicious way to help me reach those targets!✅
"DO THIS, NOT THAT" Walking on the treadmill with an incline can be a very good low impact cardio exercise, if done properly. Make sure to not hold onto the rail if you want to get the best results though because 🔸️It will stop you from firing the glutes 🔸️Will put tension on your back instead of working the legs 🔸️Actually negate the effect of the incline which is supposed to make the exercise harder 🔸️Increase risk of injuries because your feet are landing in front of your bodyweight, causing a lot of impact on your joints and even your lower back. @thephysicaltrainingcompany #trainwithcoachnic 🇫🇷 "FAITES CECI ET NON PAS CELA!" Marcher sur le tapis roulant avec une pente peut être un très bon exercice si fait comme il faut. Assurez vous de ne pas vous tenir au poignées pour avoir les meilleurs résultats parce que 🔸️Cela va vous empêcher d'utiliser vos fessiers 🔸️Va faire travailler le dos au lieu des jambes 🔸️Va annuler l'idée de marcher avec une pente pour rendre l'exercice plus difficile 🔸️Augmenter le risques de blessures parce que vos pieds atterrissent devant votre poids ce qui met beaucoup d'impact sur vos jointures et sur votre bas du dos.
Slow progress is still progress. • 210x3 today I'll take it! • Just thankful to see my numbers coming back up to what they used to be slowly but surely🙏 🇫🇷 Le progrès lent reste que c'est du progrès! On revient tranquillement aux poids qu'on faisait auparavant! 210kg x 3 ajd
Let's try to enjoy the last few days of nice weather before it gets boiling hot in Dubai!😅☀️ • Essayons de profiter des dernières belles journées à Dubaï avant que la grosse chaleur arrive pour de vrai!☀️😅
Un petit souvenir d'un des entraînements de @karimbenzema cet hiver à Dubaï ⚽️💪🏼 Félicitations pour les 2 buts cette semaine en demi-finale et bonne chance pour la finale!🏆 • Little throwback to one of @karimbenzema workouts this winter in Dubai 💪🏼⚽️ Congrats on your 2 goals in the semi final this week and good luck in the Champions League final!🏆
In life I think it's more important to focus on your strengths than your weaknesses, but in the gym I think it's a different story. • If you ignore your weaknesses in the gym, it will come back and bite you in the a** and you will either reach a plateau or even get injured eventually. You need to make sure even your small muscles are strong enough compared to your bigger muscles to become the best you can be. • As a sprinter, I was never that strong on the bench press compared to squats and deadlifts but after more than 10 years of trying to bring my upper body strength up I've finally reached more balance. That's why I always like to celebrate when I can push 140kg on a good day of bench press 😅 • The road to the summer wedding continues...🤵 Thanks for the Quebecer spot @francoeur.kinesiologue 💪🏼 🇫🇷 Dans la vie je crois que c'est plus important de se concentrer sur nos forces que sur nos faiblesses mais dans le sport je pense que c'est une histoire différente. • Si vous négligez vos faiblesses vous le regretterez éventuellement quand vous atteindrez un plateau ou même que vous blesserez. C'est important de s'assurer que vos plus petits muscles soient assez forts pour supporter les plus gros. • En tant que sprinteur, j'ai toujours eu plus de difficultés avec le développé couché qu'avec le squat ou le deadlift mais après presque 10 ans de pratique je suis maintenant plus équilibré. C'est pour quoi je célèbre toujours un peu lorsque j'arrive à pousser 140kg dans une bonne journée de haut du corps! • La route vers le mariage de cet été continue!
Some "functional training" with @mattc_ptc yesterday 🏋🏼‍♂️ • #trainingpartners @thephysicaltrainingcompany
DO THIS, NOT THAT⚠️ TRX Rows are a great exercise to strengthen your back and your core, if done correctly. 🔸️Keep your core tight and your back straight. Come up and down as one body. 🔸️Keep your wrists straight when you get to the top so that you can feel the back working instead of your forearms. 🔸️Keep your shoulders down and back and squeeze the shoulder blades together at the top. 🇫🇷 Un superbe exercice pour renforcir le dos et les abdos: le TRX row. 🔸️Gardez les abdos serrés et le dos bien droit. Montez et baissez le corps en un seul mouvement. 🔸️Gardez les poignets droit lorsque vous arrivez en haut pour vous assurez de travailler le dos et non pas les avant bras. 🔸️Gardez les épaules vers le bas et l'arrière et rapprochez les omoplates ensemble quand vous arrivez en haut. #trainwithcoachnic @thephysicaltrainingcompany
If you know me you know I love my front squats! So it's a great feeling to be able to lift 315lbs once again. It's crazy how much easier lifting weights becomes when you gain a bit of weight 😅 • If you're looking for a way to squat and work your core more (and safer on your lower back) give the front squats a try! They're harder to do at first but once you get that flexibility in your wrists and that strength in your upper back they're definitely worth it! 🇫🇷 Si vous me connaissez vous savez que j'adore mes "front squats" C'est fou comment prendre un peu de poids peu vous aidez à pousser plus de poids! Ça fait du bien de pouvoir faire les front squats avec 315lbs après quelques mois difficiles. • Si vous recherchez un façon sécuritaire de faire des squats (et de faire travailler les abdos encore plus) essayez cet exo. Il faut un peu de temps pour s'ajuster et avoir la flexibilité dans les poignets (et la force dans le haut du dos) mais une fois fait, ça vaut vraiment la peine!
Do The Work 🔨🔝 • 📸 @avp___photography
One of my favorite exercises for athletes and the general population is the Bulgarian Splitsquat. • Amazing way to strengthen your legs and even out imbalances without having to load your back unnecessarily. Can even be a good opener for people with tight hips. • Looking forward to training more pro athletes this summer and getting them quicker for next season 🏃🏻‍♂️ 📽 @_bilalchahine ⚽️ 🇫🇷 Un des mes exercices préférés pour les athlètes et la population en général est le Bulgarian Splitsquat. • Une très bonne façon pour renforcir les jambes et égaliser les déséquilibres musculaires sans avoir à mettre trop de pression sur le dos. Ça peut aussi être une bonne façon d'ouvrir les hanches quand elles sont trop tendues. • Jai hâte de voir avec quels athlètes je vais pouvoir travailler cet été pour les aider à améliorer leur vitesse avant la saison prochaine.
I'm happy when I find weaknesses because I then know what I need to work on to get better. Never stop pushing.
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