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Fuck valentines day, it’s Matchday! ❤️
Matchday, Reds! ❤️
Matchday! Let’s go, @mosalah22 👑
Matchday 👊
FA Cup time! 🏆
Matchday! This man will be running ledt, right and center. 👏 @andyrobertson94
Let’s go, Reds! 👊
Derby Day! 🔴
Matchday! Let’s start 2018 right, with 3️⃣ points! 🎆
Matchday! 🔴 It’s still december, so drop a like to win this poster! 💪
There’s... There’s just no way someone wissed this right? Anyway, welcome to Liverpool Football Club, @virgilvandijk
Back to business against Swansea tonight! Remember, drop a ❤️ to win this poster tonight! #LFC
Drop a ❤️ to WIN this poster! Our last game before Christmas, can we get the 3️⃣ points? #LFC
Matchday, Reds! ⚽️ Let’s get those 3️⃣ points!
Matchday! Drop a like to win this @ragnar.klavan17 poster! #LFC
Matchday 😍 Remember, drop a like for a chance to win this poster! 🔴
Matchday! In December I am giving away a poster of each matchday poster, you can win by dropping a ❤️ on this one! Let’s go tonight, Redmen! 🔴
It’s Matchday! And since its December, I am giving away one poster each matchday! Drop a like to win! ❤️ Cover star: @andyrobertson94 #LFC
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