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Slogan goals
Thanks to @coreyswave and his shredi masters, especially @crumm_dumpster my annual surflust became a full-on #wavejones this week #RidingGiants #coreyswave #montauk
Happy Birthday @realhenrysimmons I love you more than you love naps... or babies... or MMA... or even babies doing MMA after a nap. I’m really going to miss you. Please don’t break SHIELD. Love, Clark ❤️ 💕
Join us today! #familiesbelongtogether
Old school workout at NOAC
Thrilled to be in #neworleans for the @namicommunicate national convention.
JGrey about to blow some minds. #YouveBeenWarned Repost @jennifer_grey something’s coming... i can’t wait to share it with you~it’s brand new, and yet it’s all i’ve ever wanted~to turn up the joy~to make room for more of what makes you giddy, or dropped in...or hot~no matter who, or what, or where you’re a dancer if you dance~even if it’s alone in your room~join me~watch this space #thejones 📸:@danielnjohnson
VoteVoteVote @cademocrats @swingleft
Amazing day of jiu-jitsu at @ibjjf worlds with coach @ajgordinier #StreetSportsBJJ Nice sweep here by @marcusbuchecha @shoyoroll @arvieg
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