Julia Lanning Mallin

Nanuk Through the Looking Glass
Tomorrow’s page from my calendar book. At least it doesn’t say poop.
Why am I not driving this car? It literally has my name on it.
Look who gets to drive Chuck’s car to prom.
Martha Stewart one pot pasta: Kye approved!!!
Nap hair.
You know what makes a good laptop? A wireless mouse and extra keyboard.
Bub and his sisters. (Meredith counts)
We’re so proud of Bub, our Eagle Scout.🦅
Chuck gets his Eagle Scout dad pin
Six Eagle Scouts with tomahawks. Jack, Gaeden, Collin, Clark, Jason, Lanning
Folding laundry, but feeling fancy.
Fat Louie enjoying an air bath. It’s a real thing.
Othello performing a somersault or a head rub on the front porch?
Me: Fat Louie is lethargic and not interested in his food (plus he tinkled in the floor inches from the catbox while I watched) and I’m worried about him. Vet: after blood tests, B-12 shot, omega3 supplement, and $250 he’s just a normal geriatric cat.
Poop isn’t recyclable? (On Berkeley Buzz)
Whatever it is, the answer is no.
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