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- - Safe travels to everyone heading to #STL & @1stphorm for the weekend - #phamily gathering - - #1stphorm #iam1stphorm #legionofboom #stlouis
- My little man is 2 months old today! - Crazy how fast it’s gone - Been amazing watching his development already - Going to miss him big time this weekend! - Love you! - - - #daddysboy 💙 #daddysboy #2monthsold
- So @1stphorm wanted to see our stacks for their #1stphormathletechallenge - Here’s mine, sadly that orange soda project-1 is somewhere between STL and NY and by the time it gets here, I’ll be there! - Before you ask why - I like variety, and there’s no bad options here - As I restock I bring the old ones to work - I sample the ever living shit out anything someone wants to try - In addition to sampling, I like doing giveaways and contests for those that support me, and are part of my #transphormation challenge group - Ever go to re order and your flavor is out of stock? Yeah doesn’t happen to me! - So there’s my stack - Special thank you for the warehouse crew at 1st Phorm! - Also, you guys asked for creative, but when you have this much just getting in the picture was a pain in the ass, could only imagine how much of a bitch my attempt at juggling all this was! (If you want to see creative, go check out @huge_fat_loser Posts, he’s killing this contest!) - - #noemptyjugs #1stphorm #iam1stphorm #neveroutofstock #supplements
- Hit legs for my last workout before heading down to STL and @1stphorm for the weekend - Other than the leg press I kept it light and just wanted to break a sweat and get some work in - But while hitting the press I realized something... - All I saw yesterday was IG posts about #1stphorm and their new @lamborghini race team... sure the car looks awesome, but do they have custom #nikeid #metcon4 ? I don’t think so! - Ok I rather have the #lambo also... - - - @nikeididea #metcon #legday #iam1stphorm #neversettle #duespaid
- What else needs to be said? - Gym? - Sport? - Science? - Math? - Arts? - Music? - Do I need to go on? - It does not matter! - It can be multiple things! - If you enjoy something so much so, make it more than a thought, make it an action, make it part of your identity, make it count and enjoy the shit out of it - - - #passion #desire #happiness #neversettle #levelup #enjoylife
- If your not following your missing out! - Happy to have him on #teamrowan1p in the @1stphorm #transphormation challenge! Setting the bar HIGH for everyone! - If it wasn’t for his tattoos I may even have to question if it’s the same guy! - Only just the start for Eric! - #Repost ・・・ ...and the beat goes on - My nutrition and training has become habit. A habit I am extremely grateful for. I look forward every day to tracking my food intake and working out (ok MOST days I look forward to working out 😉) Taking photos has made a world of difference in my motivation, inspiration and efforts. - This will be the 1st summer in years that I will shed my shirt....not because I feel better about the way others will perceive me...but because I feel better about who I am. I'm proud of my work and the physical results are only a small symptom of the true results. - Thanks to @chris_puck_33 for inviting me to join his accountability team. - Fuck tomorrow. KILL TODAY!👊 - #Iam1stphorm #1000 #1stphorm #teamrowan1p #transphormation
- - Quick Tip - Actually 2 - Few weeks ago I posted about my shoulder workout and how injuries have effected my lifts and my buddy @huge_fat_loser mentioned how he uses the smith for his shoulder press because of the starting point. As a big issue I have is not so much in the movement but the “start” and getting the weight up - So last week I gave it a shot and really like how it felt, I follow it up with some lighter weight DB presses to work the stabilizing muscles - The other tip, don’t ever turn down advice, especially without at least seeing how it works for you first - While experience cannot be replaced, knowledge can literally come from anywhere - And you can have all the certifications you want, there’s plenty of shitty licensed and certified “professionals” in ALL trades... the fitness industry is no different, do your homework - - - #neversettle #workouttips #exercisetips #duespaid #teamrowan1p #transphormation #iam1stphorm
- Trust me when I say you don’t want to miss this one! - Love when they do Q&A, covered a few cool topics we can all take something away from - Plus you can tell that @team_gorman @mrfrisella and @teachbrian are all smart guys! - Thanks for all the awesome content! - - - #tntpodcast #subscribe #teamgorman #phatmuscleproject #brickbybrick #1stphorm #iam1stphorm #fatlosshelp #exercisetips #personaltrainer #dietcoach #bodybuilding
- - So this is the most unsolicited review of a product your ever going to get - I told my wife, @kath1109 your taking the #optigreens50 (even went as far to get her own easyphorm subscription) and left it at that - I didn’t try to “sell it”, I didn’t sit down and explain it, I even went as far to tell her I don’t care if she doesn’t like it (she liked it), I wanted her to take it daily - As the mother of my son, I want her to be the healthiest version of herself that she can be, and this is just an easy addition to the daily routine - In the pic, there’s a screen shot of a random text I got last night from her - I never told her that this is a common feeling among regular users of @1stphorm Optigreens50, I haven’t gone over any of the listed benefits like the blend of superfoods, probiotics, and digestive enzymes and that the boost of nutrients from Opti-Greens 50 will help detoxify your body, balance pH levels, boost natural energy levels. All she knew was that it was the micronutrient equivalent of having 11+ servings of fruits and vegetables - So to put it simply, if I’ll MAKE my wife use it, if I make my mother use it, if I’ve used it since it’s release, I think it’s safe to say I think you, your family and your friends should use it too - - - #superfood #greens #greens30 #1stphorm #iam1stphorm #transphormation #teamrowan1p
- - Prioritize - designate or treat (something) as more important than other things - Just because I haven’t posted my gym shots the last few days doesn’t mean I’ve slipped or let up - In fact it’s been the complete opposite - My workouts have been intense and demanding but my time has been limited and schedule sporadic - My free time is limited more than ever - Between 6 day work weeks - The needs of my family - Getting my shit together and leaving no loose ends when I head to STL this weekend - So I haven’t had the extra time during my workouts for a photo shoot, or the desire to come up with a motivating caption - But much like everything I post it comes from experience and a gut feeling - So here’s your motivation... - Shut up and work - Write down your priorities and do whatever it takes to work towards them - - - 👕 @realworld_tactical 🧢 @1stphorm 📷 me, myself and I - - - #backday #prioritiesfirst #neversettle #iam1stphorm #transphormation #100to0
- 💧 Quick, before reading any further comment below how much water you drank yesterday? 💦 Did you say at least 1/2 your body weight or more? 💧 If not,why? 💦 I routinely take in about 120-160oz a day 💧 Why? 💦 According to the U.S. National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine, the average recommended daily intake of water from both food and drink is: For men: Around 125oz For women: Around 91oz 💧 What does that much water do for you? 💦 Water Helps to Maximize Physical Performance 💧 Hydration Has a Major Effect on Energy Levels and Brain Function 💦 Drinking More Water Can Help With Weight Loss 💧 Water Helps Keep Skin Looking Good 💦 Water Helps Your Kidneys 💧 ...the list goes on, in short, you will feel better, look better, perform better 💦 “But Chris, I can’t drink that much!” 💧 Sorry but that’s straight bullshit 💦 I bet if you replace the crap you already drink with a glass of water you’ll get close to the goal without thinking about it 💧 Let’s break it down many hours are you awake? 15 on average? So that’s 8oz per hour. 💦 Working out?Well if your working hard enough you can probably do 32oz in that hour, drink a pre and post workout? That’s another 20oz or close to half of our goal within 90 or so minutes alone 💧 I added some pics of tips on ways to get more water in & benefits, swipe right to check them out 💦 Bottom line is, if your not reaching your minimum h2o intake, your only hurting yourself, no matter if you have a goal of #fatloss , #musclegain or just feeling better, the very first place to look is in your water intake - - - PS-I absolutely love my @1stphorm hydrator jug, I have 2 and my wife has 1. I fill up both, take one to the gym and between pre/Intra/post I usually finish it off pretty easily. I’ll then work on the other throughout my day and once I get to work I always have another liter on my person. Add in the fluid I’m getting from my level-1 pre bed shake, my fruits, vegetables and serving of optigreens50 I’m easily eclipsing 120oz a day. My wife is easily getting close to 100oz by just having the jug handy while taking care of our son - - #hydrateyourself #h2o #drinkmorewater
- - You know I didn’t hesitate - Order it using my link and maybe I’ll be nice enough to buy a lucky person a second one 🤷🏻‍♂️(message me for details) - #Repost @1stphorm ・・・ #PROJECT1 IS NOW AVAILABLE IN OUR NEW ORANGE SODA FLAVOR! 🍊Limited quantities to start, so get yours now! Our Porject-1 is the strongest and most well-rounded in our pre-workout lineup. #iam1stPhorm #preworkout #gogojuice
- - Ok seriously, want to lose weight? Have a baby. My plan was to get home from the gym take a shower and make a couple of scrambled eggs on a @daveskillerbread bagel - But Connor said, nah fuck that - So @1stphorm level-1 Protein it is! - (Hat less photo courtesy new hair cut and for @huge_fat_loser ,enjoy them when you get them ) - - #mealreplacementshake #1stphorm #antidadbod #nodadbod #iam1stphorm #daddysboy 💙
- - Yesterday I posted a before and after - A physical transformation (or continuing progress from a lot longer than 8 weeks worth of work) - But what you don’t see in a shirtless mirror picture is what it took to get to that point - On 1.23.18, the day after the start of the @1stphorm #transphormation Challenge my son, Connor was born - So the past 8 weeks was about a lot more than how much I can improve or progress towards my goals. It was how much could I do while learning to be a father - Balancing the time and discipline that’s required to make progress in the gym, with the necessity to both provide for my larger family, experience all the amazing things that come with becoming a parent in addition to the group of awesome people that trusted me with their own transformations! Some that just wanted a group to be part of and a place to be kept accountable, others that needed nutrition, workout and supplement advice. - Finding time for all of them - Proving to myself that for once and for all, when it became difficult to do what I needed to for myself, I didn’t seek the easy road but found a way to face the challenge, and overcome - My story is nothing special - But the point is, we all have a story the pictures are only the tip of iceberg the journey between the two, the struggles not seen, the successes that came along the way. They are all part of the transformation. It’s far and above a lot more than just physical and aesthetic - - - #teamrowan1p #discipline #mytransformation #antidadbod #nodadbod #iam1stphorm
- - The value of #mealprepservice - Now don’t get me wrong, I enjoy cooking, I don’t find it too much work or overly time consuming, but like most people that #mealprep they make 1-3 meals to repeat all week long. Now there’s nothing wrong with that, and I’ve done it with great success myself but having some other options to mix into the routine is a blessing. And I can say the last thing I was in the mood for was left over chicken and sweet potato right now - Add into the fact I was just too busy this weekend to do any significant meal prep. Between the baby, visiting family, or having family visit us, working 6 days a week for the past month and focusing on my own workouts in addition to helping those in my @1stphorm #transphormation challenge group, #teamrowan1p I simply had no extra time this weekend. And looking ahead, I’ll be out of town all next weekend so this week is going to be jammed packed as it is - So on my way out the door today I grabbed one of my @healthymealsdirect meals that got dropped off today. The Honey mustard chicken wrap and decided to enjoy the the little extra sunlight before heading into “The hole” to start my tour right here in my truck - Picked a good one that’s for sure. 5 ⭐️! Didn’t even need the extra honey mustard. - I don’t think I’ll ever fully depend on a meal prep service but for the money, the added variety, high quality, and time saving convenience it’s safe to say I’ll be regularly adding these into my #mealplan - - - #ramtrucks #mealprepsunday #1stphorm #optigreens50 #microfactor #healthymealsdirect
- - So my #transphormation may of been a little different than most - I started last July with the goal of fat loss, dropping 40lbs by the time @1stphorm #transphormation Challenge started - The day the challenge started, my wife @kath1109 water broke, I basically started my transformation into a dad the same day! - My goal coming into 2018 was to put on muscle and build strength - What that meant? - The scale would go up - I would put some fat back on - I would mentally have to trust the process and judge it as much by how I feel and my performance - The other part of my transformation was finding a new normal - Balancing becoming a father, my career and all the awesome people that trusted me with their progress and joined my #teamrowan1p #accoutability group - It’s been a pleasure helping all of them get closer to their goals, it’s been a journey but it’s only the start! - Can’t wait to see what the future brings - If you need help getting started, don’t hesitate to reach out! Would love to add you to the team and help you reach your goals - - - #mytransformation #mytransphormation #iam1stphorm #1stphorm #fatlosshelp #fatlosstips #workouttips
- 🍀 Connor got to meet his 103 year old GREAT GREAT Grandma today 🍀 At one point we had 5 generations of our family together in the same room today 🍀 Happy St. Patrick’s Day everyone 🍀 🍀 🍀 🍀 #family #greatgreatgrandma #stpatricksday #stpattysday #stpaddysday #irish #5generations
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