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Which #SOLNova color are you going to choose❓ . _________________________ #cheyennetattooequipment #cheyennefamily #madeforartists
Holy... 😮 . Looks at this amazing #Marvel piece. Just so many #marvelcomics characters in this insane artwork 🔥 . Which one is your favorite Marvel character here❓ . Our #cheyenneartist @vtattoo.miguelbohigues is really killin' it with this impressive piece of art which he created by using our #HawkSpirit and our premium #SafetyCartridge configurations: . ▪️3l 0.25 ▪️7l 0.25 ▪️13 mse ▪️15 mse ▪️17 mse . _________________________ #cheyennetattooequipment #cheyennefamily #madeforartists
Our impressive #cheyennefamily member @pashkovcover is going to visit the @tattoo_convention_berlin this August (03.08. - 05.08.) and got a few free slots left 👍 . Hurry up and make your appointment now to get your skin a great #artwork during the Tattoo Convention 🔥 . ________________________ #cheyennetattooequipment #madeforartists #colortattoos
Take at look at this fantastic warrior cover up tattoo done with our new #SOLNova #tattoomachine 🙏 The talented #cheyennefamily member @aiden.silverant told us that the Cheyenne #SOLNova is a versatile machine like the #HawkPen but a bit softer compared to the Pen. It is more advanced, because the machine is very quiet and the vibration super low. Therefore, he can do very precise work. Next to the right machine you also need high quality needles to get the perfect result. Aiden used our ready to go and precise #safetycartridges : . ✖️ 3 Round Liner, 5 Round Liner ✖️ 5 Round Shader ✖️ 7 Magnum ✖️ 9 Magnum Softedge ✖️15 Magnum Softedge .
Cheyenne artist and #neotraditional legend @mattcurzon from Australia killed it again with this 2 day #foxtattoo 🦊. He is nearly lining all his tattoos with the #cheyennehawkthunder and shade/colour with his favorite #cheyenne hawkpen t#tattoomachineporn 🔥 The pen was the first rotary he found he could comfortably line with, yet it was not so punchy to the point that it chewed up the skin when shading! Its fast and efficient and it saturates effortlessly. It is the ultimate allrounder. Now he introduced the Thunder also to his setup exclusively! For this arm piece he worked with our sterile and precise #safetycartridges : ✖️3 Round Liner, ✖️11 Round Shader, ✖️23 Magnum, ✖️13 Magnum, ✖️7 Magnum, ✖️17 Magnum and ✖️9 Power as well! Which Cheyenne machine do you prefer for your traditional work? Maybe our new #SOLNova will be a good choice in the near future 😍 Stay tuned for the official presentation at the @tattoo_convention_berlin 🔥 #madeforartists
You want to see our impressive new #SOLNova live ❓ . Then you should visit our testing area at the @tattoo_convention_berlin in Germany between August the 3rd and the 5th where you can get a closer look and the possibility to try our brand new machine ! . And of course you will get the chance to try our other professsional tattoo equipment as well like Cheyenne power units, cartridges and our other amazing machines 🔥 . Looking forward to see many of our followers there 😊 . _________________________ #cheyennetattooequipment #cheyennefamily #madeforartists
The master of #darkart and #cheyenneartist @tommyleewendtner doesn't only do creepy creatures, fantastic demons and devilish monsters, he is also amazing at doing incredible #biomechtattoos 💪 . For this smashin' #biomech sleeve for example he used our new #SOLNova , our #PUII and the following #SafetyCartridges : . ▪️7 rs ▪️9 rs ▪️15 mse . How do you like this #blackandgrey artwork ❓ _________________________ #cheyennetattooequipment #cheyennefamily #madeforartists
Our marvelous #cheyennefamily member @gansogalvao is also going to be at the @tattoo_convention_berlin in Germany this August (03.08. - 05.08.) and got some free slots left. . If you are looking to get an amazing #blackandgrey piece done, just contact Ganso directly and make an appointment for the convention in Berlin 👍 _________________________ #cheyennetattooequipment #madeforartists
Check out this absolutely fantastic video of Cheyenne artist @carlosfabra_cosafina done by his super talented buddy @jordi_filmmaker which shows our high quality products like the #cheyennehawkthunder and the precise #safetycartridges . Thank you so much Carlos for sending us so much love! 🔥🔥🔥 You think you can also create such a dope are video? Feel free to send us your ideas via PM here on Instagram! #cheyennefamily #madeforartists
Which artist collaboration would you love to see? Maybe you like this killer 2 day result of Cheyenne artist @jayfreestyle and talented @o_kharin as much like we do!?! Jay has used his favorite machine, the #cheyennehawkthunder which guarantees utmost precision with a 4 mm stroke. The raw power of it allows him to line with ease as well as pack color into the skin fast and efficiently. For large Magnum work he changed to the #CheyenneHawk10years and for sure gave him our high quality #cheyennesafetycartridges 3,7,9 Liner and 13,23 Magnum Softedge the perfect comfort through easy handling! Everybody who would like to test our products like the Cheyenne #SOLNova 🔥, feel free to visit our booth at the @tattoo_convention_berlin in August! All further information about the SOLNova will be also announced after the show or at your local distributors website! ✖️ #madeforartists ✖️
A lot of our #cheyennedistributors already offer preorders regarding our new killer machine the #SOLNova ‼️ . Due to the high demand you should check the link in our bio to find your local Cheyenne distributor and preorder your #SOLNova now to get your machine right in time 👍 . During the @tattoo_convention_berlin the release date will be announced. Waiting time will be over soon 😎 _________________________ #cheyennetattooequipment #cheyennefamily #madeforartists
Cheyenne #cartridgeambassador and #theratpacktattoo member @davepaulo_tattooartist created this smashin' "Smoothie" piece which is from the TV series "HAPPY!" 🔥 . Do you know the show and are you a fan of it ❓ . By the way Dave used the following #SafetyCartridge configurations for this insane artwork: . ▪️5 liner ▪️9 shader ▪️7 mse ▪️15 mse . _________________________ #cheyennetattooequipment #cheyennefamily #madeforartists
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