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Yesterday night when the fun began and I didn’t feel jetlagged 📸🍾🥂✨
Kamale in Kamala...
Conversations with a tiger part one 1st picture - ‘okay this isn’t so bad I’ll just rub your stomach’ 2nd picture - ‘wow okay you just hit me with your tail, guess I’ll hold on to it’ 3rd picture - ‘okay I’m going to need you to boss up so we can get this pic for the gram’ 4th picture - ‘wow so you’re really going to ignore me when I’ve rubbed your belly for the last 10 minutes?’
Glowing ✨
“I’m more than just a number, I doubt you’ll find another. So every single summer, I’ll be the one that you remember.”
Pretty chilled first night... looking forward to tomorrow. 🖤
Okay so back story I took off my flip flops just before this video then realised the sand was like 100 degrees 🙃 still managed to smile through it all so really I deserve an Oscar for this. It’s a cute video though so enjoy x
Life is sweet... 🥂📸☀️
And we’re off... 🥂✈️ #birthdayantics
@missyempire set... direct link in my insta story 🌸
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