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First samples of the BEACHBAR just landed on my desk! The first run was limited while we get customer and coach feedback, so if you want ‘em, get ‘em April 7th! #beachbar
¡descubre más en Super Saturday 7 de abril!
The next wave of @80dayobsession is building with a brand new group of coaches who are taking this record-breaking program and already filling new Challenge Groups! Want to learn how to get the most out of this momentum? Every NEW coach who joins with one of the 80 Day Obsession themed Challenge Packs or a completion pack and ANY COACH who SELLS an 80 Day Obsession challenge pack between March 19th and April 23rd will be invited to a new group where @autumncalabrese and a handpicked group of leading coaches will post specific training tips each week focused on building your business. This isn’t a test group where everyone gets to post that’s focused on support... This is a part-time business building opportunity group that’s the first of its kind! Qualifying coaches will receive an email to join the coaching group. Visit FAQ 8270 for info!
A new way of working out. Tailored to the busiest people who demand results. And another reason you MUST plan now to be at a Super Saturday even April 7th! Find out about the big Summit launch coming this June!
This girl delivers no BS solid “this is how it’s done” gold! 🏆 You want to build and help more people, watch this call.
Today I reviewed all the training we’ve shared so far in my Success Club System 1x3x5 group so they lock-in Success Club for March. If you want to get the intensive tactical training, I’ll invite you to the group if you purchase a Summit ticket at - regardless of whether you go or not. Now, one of the key habits proven to work by our “Increasers” - coaches working part time who’s income is going UP - is to always be inviting to a challenge group. So I’m asking you to commit as comment below: What’s the name of your next Challenge Group, and what date does it start?
People who get results don’t miss a Monday. Yehoshua Shapiro joined Beachbody On Demand, lost 27 pounds, feels great, and is excited to share his success to inspire the rest of us! He says: “Body Beast is the program I first started with, and it has become my bread and butter. The first couple weeks of the program were challenging. Then, it became a habitual process in my daily schedule, along with drinking Shakeology every day, and also being part of a team of some of the most amazing, motivated individuals. With Beachbody on Demand, I can do any workout in the catalog wherever and whenever I want. I felt like there really wasn’t anything else to do but succeed! Since beginning, I’ve lost 27 pounds, went from a size 34 waist to a 30 and feel much better about myself. I’m just amazed with how incredible my results have been.” #bodybeast #neverquit
The first wave of @80dayobsession success stories are dialing it in for that final push where the real booty, ab and total body transformation magic happens. But like the end of any challenging trek, this is when the concept of obsession is most critical. Do you have what it takes? #80dayobsession
When Beachbody says we are serious about transformation, we mean it! London is under a healthy reconstruction thanks to our amazing UK coaches!
Fun to wake up and see history while we make history. Excited for two days meeting coaches in Edinburgh, Manchester and London!
I saw this on a billboard as I was walking through London’s Heathrow airport, and it stuck with me my entire flight to Edinburgh. I have thoughts about this question. The first shake you drink? The first pound you lose? The first program you complete? The first coach you sign? I want to know what you think, or if nothing else, get you to think about the question... When does success start for you? Whatever you answer, pay attention to your answer.
Nothing better after a super bumpy 10 hour red-eye to the UK than a healthy dose of dense nutrition before my connection to Edinburgh. POW!!! I spring back to life like an energizer bunny! Looking forward to seeing everyone Saturday in Edinburgh, Manchester and Sunday in London! Day 75 of 2018 #shakeology
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