Carl Daikeler

CEO of Beachbody. Working with a group of leaders committed to helping people get healthy! @beachbody @tbbcoach411

That was EPIC! Great #superworkout #coachsummit2018
@joelfreemanfitness is holding nothing back to finish the #superworkout strong! #coachsummit2018
@tonyshorton preaching his gospel of health and fitness as the sun starts to peek up on the horizon at the #superworkout #coachsummit2018
Indianapolis is getting a little obsessed with @autumncalabrese and her awesome cast! #coachsummit2018 #superworkout
@shaunt owning the stage with a taste of Insanity! #coachsummit2018 #superworkout
@chalenejohnson leading Indianapolis through a round of her world famous @piyoworkout #coachsummit2018 #superworkout
@thechrisdowning already burning them out in the first ten minutes! #coachsummit2018 #superwoorkout
@megandaviesfitness getting “in the zone” as she gets ready to warm up 10,000 people! #coachsummit2018 #superworkout
They say it’s around 10,000 people already as we prepare to kick off the Super Workout!#coachsummit2018 the real #COACHella
Congratulations to our “2018 Beachbody Classic” Champions: Female 1st place - Moira Brookshire with Body Beast... Male 1st place - Steve Millanes with Body Beast... Female 2nd place - Kelly Wigton with 80 Day Obsession... Male 2nd place - Scott Dix with Body Beast... And tomorrow night we continue celebrating the achievement of goals with the Beachbody Challenge contest finals!
JUST ANNOUNCED! Official @2bmindset certification starts in September, so coaches can become Certified 2B Mindset Mentors with more tools, training and recognition to help their customers succeed with this breakthrough program!
You heard right! Limited edition Pumpkin Spice @shakeology coming in September! When I say “limited,” I do mean limited. This will sell out and then we decide if it’s popular enough to repeat next year!
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