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We had the cast of @StarWars : The Last Jedi take a β€œWhich Star Wars Character Are You?” quiz and it was hilarious! Video link in bio. πŸ™Œ #StarWars #TheLastJedi #MayTheForceBeWithYou
YOU GUYS! We played Superhero Would You Rather with #ChrisHemsworth , #MarkRuffalo , and the cast of #ThorRagnarok and it was hilarious AF. Link in bio! πŸ™‚
#DemiLovato answers fan questions while playing with adorable rescue pups from @animalleague in our new interview up now 😊🐢 - link in bio! #TellMeYouLoveMe // πŸ“·: @taylormillerphoto
We asked #MileyCyrus all of your burning questions while she played with adorable rescue pups from @animalleague and it was so damn cute 😍🐢 Video link in bio! #YoungerNow // πŸ“·: @taylormillerphoto
OMG! We asked @NickJonas your most burning fan questions all while playing with adorable puppies! Special thanks to @VanderpumpDogs for providing the little guys. 🐢 Video link in bio! πŸ“Έ: @maceyjforonda #FindYou
We sat down with #WillAndGrace stars #DebraMessing & #SeanHayes to see how well they *actually* know each other 😎 Link in bio to watch the video! // πŸ“·: @taylormillerphoto
The incredible @justintheroux & Dave Franco interviewed each other while playing with tiny kittens and it's got us like 😍😍😍(video link in bio!) #LEGONinjagoMovie πŸ“·: @taylormillerphoto
We had @NickJonas read #ThirstTweets about himself and it was hilarious AF! πŸ˜‚Video link in bio! 😍 #FindYou
We sat down with the hilarious #IHartFood star Hannah Hart to ask her your most burning questions...with kittens! 🐱Special thanks to the @ASPCA for providing us with the adorable little fur balls. Video link in bio. πŸ“Έ: @maceyjforonda
We hung out with the hilarious #KateMcKinnon and some rescue pups from @animalleague while talking #SNL , her new movie Leap, and much more! Link in bio to watch the video 😁 🐢 // πŸ“·: @taylormillerphoto
We hung out with @KylieJenner , @JordynWoods , and some PUPPIES and it was the cutest thing ever! Special thanks to @VanderpumpDogs for rescuing these special pups. Video link in bio! 🐢✌🏼😍
We hung out with #LiamPayne and some adorable rescue pups from @animalleague while talkin' new music, #OneDirection , and lots more! Link in bio to watch the full video ✨🐢 // πŸ“·: @taylormillerphoto
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