James “Bucky” Barnes

❤️Met Seb 01/14/18 ❤️Seb liked 7x ❤️+Commented 3x Team Cap VS team Iron Man? Nahhh ◻️ Team dead ◻️ Team alive ✖️ Team dust

Omgggg a new still from We Have Always Lived In the Castle 😍😍😍😍
#Repost @imsebastianstan ・・・ #flashforwardfriday here we go @willmalnati 🤵🏼👰🏼
It’s incredible how identical this is 😨😨😨
The destroyer movie made an Instagram account! Follow them for some potential updates on Sebastian’s new upcoming movie! #destroyer #sebastianstan
This is insanely cool 😍😍😍🔥🔥🔥 and his caption “if I can turn back time...”💔❤️ Oof the feels. Awesome artwork @h.k.artworks 🎶🎵 wish I could turn back time...to the good old days, when my mama sang us to sleep but now I’m stressed out 🎶🎵 #wintersoldier #sebastianstan #buckybarnes
The Sebastian Birthday project is here!!!! Help us get the word out by sharing and reposting. This is a fundraiser where all money will be going to the children with Autism from Constanta Romania. Link will be in bio! You can find more Info via @sebastianstanfansclub
New/Old just released photo shoot of Seb by @Anthony.odwyer Found via @winterxxstan #sebastianstan #seb #wintersoldier
This is brilliant #Repost @oneminutemen ・・・ Ep3 Bloopers part 2
I know this isn’t Bucky but it’s so crazy to think that both of these actors (Sebastian and Tom) auditioned for leading roles and got supporting actor roles, but ended up stealing the show anyway #Repost @buckychulo ・・・ u guys were shook of that last post abt tom auditioning for thor sO here are the clips of that :) — [ #marvel #avengers #infinitywar #guardiansofthegalaxy ]
Photobombing, Sebastian? Really? Again? Smh 🤦🏼‍♀️😂 #wintersoldier #sebastianstan
Look at Romania over here predicting the future 😏 #sebastianstan #seb #buckybarnes #wintersoldier #romania
Go follow one minute men, you won’t regret it! Reposted from @sebbystanxbuckybarnes
I AM ACTUALLY DECEASED #Repost @imsebastianstan ・・・ ‘HEALTH CLUB’ by @oneminutemen . “There’s one other man you gotta face besides the man in the mirror...the man in the gym.“ Bloopers, additional stuff will be on @oneminutemen
Wonder what it could be?? Repost from @i.heart.sebastianstan #sebastianstan #infinitywar #wintersoldier
New pic of Seb with a fan in New York today! Cred to @ _pableto
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