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Failure can become our most powerful path to learning if we’re willing to choose courage over comfort. – Click the link in my profile to read my latest blog post about rumbling with shame, accountability, and failure at work.
This is true at work too! We asked managers a simple question: What behaviors do you find the most trust-earning in your direct reports? Everyone guesses the answer is reliability or accountability. Those answers rank in the top 5. The number one trust-earning behavior? Asking for help. It feels counter-intuitive, but would you delegate an important project to someone you know wouldn’t ask for help if s/he were struggling? – This image is our free download on for March. You can grab it at the bottom of the home page.
Happy Birthday, Townes. Thank you to the thousands of people around the country who held hands and joined me in singing my favorite Townes Van Zandt song, “If You Needed Me” during the Braving the Wilderness book tour. – I included the lyrics in #BravingtheWilderness because they’re so relevant right now. The world feels high lonesome and heartbroken to me right now. – We’ve sorted ourselves into factions based on our politics and ideology. We’ve turned away from one another and toward blame and rage. We’re lonely and untethered. I believe in a world where we can make and share art and words that will help us find our way back to one another. – Then instead of yelling from afar, we’ll find the courage to look at one another and say these words from the song: “If I needed you would you come to me Would you come to me Would you come to me and ease my pain?” - Townes Van Zandt
@iamderay and I sat down to talk about race, privilege and hard conversations. It turned out to be learning and leaning in real time. - Listen to our conversation on Pod Save the People at
For the past two years, we’ve collaborated with artists and designers to bring you art prints, t-shirts, and pottery that express our beliefs and serve as reminders of our commitment to wholehearted living. – In 2016, it was a partnership with our friends at @sugarbooandco , and 2017 was a broader collaboration with @designhausstudio , @sugarbooandco , Beth Mueller, and a few of our own designs. It’s been so much fun to see pictures of the art in your homes – thank you for sharing! – In the process of hanging art and sporting great t-shirts, we’ve raised money for hurricane relief in Houston and Puerto Rico, for clean water on behalf of @charitywater , and for children’s trauma programming from the Yellow Feather Fund. – We’re closing this art season with a 30% off sale on all of our items at @shopthemarblejar. Stock up now because once supplies are gone, they are GONE! If we decide to offer art again in 2018, you’ll be the first to know. – And, don’t forget to pick your charity of choice while shopping the sale. We’re supporting @charitywater and the @timesupnow Legal Defense Fund! – Check it out at and use promo code ThirtyOff at checkout!
Just a little Saturday night note for y’all.
Thanks for Braving the Wilderness with me! #EmployeeAppreciationDay
Dear Spring, Thank you for your unrelenting effort and beauty. I’m grateful for the lesson that not even a hurricane (literal or metaphorical) can kill all the blooms. We fight our way back. (Image from my walk this morning).
This is my life on a t-shirt. . I saw my friend @erinmoorebooks post this earlier this week. She was my first editor and has permanent residence in my heart. And she’s rocking this shirt! . She lives in London now and is the author of “That’s Not English” - it’s a wonderful book about Britishisms and Americanisms and language. Click the link in my profile to see it on Amazon. . The t-shirt is from @laura_mckowen and @hipsobriety. . Keeping it sober, feminist, and real, BB
This just in! The Daring Way (@thedaringway ) is hosting trainings for eligible mental health professionals in Birmingham, Minneapolis, Denver, Houston, and Nashville in 2018. There are discounted seats reserved for our non-profit partners working in underserved areas. - If you’re a helping professional interested in getting certified in my work, click the link in my profile to apply.
When someone tells you that you can't support responsible gun ownership AND gun reform, take a breath, find your courage, and speak truth to bullshit. Both are possible. At the exact same time. Don't let people frame the debate for you. - You can read more at the link in my profile.
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