✨🤸🏼‍♂️✨ High Performer.

It was 70-degrees yesterday... today it’s 36 and snowing. Never leaving California again.
Heard it was going to be in the 60’s in Boston so I decided to come say hi ✌🏼
Feeling so lucky to be here, with you. Hearing/reading about family history, baking the softest rolls I’ve ever had, and having 15 moments each day, like this.
Family matriarch / personal Queen 👑
My funny valentines ❤️🌿
Thanks for the inspiring afternoon @highlydevoted ❤️☀️ Your commitment to genuine connections is what we need in this industry, this city... this world. There are big and great things coming!
There’s something really special about liking the person that your friend of 23+ years has chosen to spend the rest of their life with. Thanks for visiting, friends ❤️
Turns out #MissFiggy isn’t nearly as thirsty as I am - so she’s taking a minute to dry out. #byebrownspots
So lucky to have a friend like Jew. #wcw #jewjokes
Monday, for you #lowellbouquet 💐#floral
@ndiblasio once told me that it seems like everyone in #LA is trying to say something with their clothing... how literal is too literal?
From 2012-2016 I worked with some of the top experts in public health and tobacco control. I made the jump to cannabis when I saw the opportunity to be a voice for social responsibility in a budding (🤣) industry. This is all to say, I’m so grateful for cannabis brands that don’t compromise, and always put people first. When you’re doing something good, there’s no shame in shouting it from the rooftops. #funfactfriday #lowellsmokes #lowellherbco #cannabiscommunity #420 #kushupsbeforepushups
✨Getting high on these streets / looking fly on these streets✨
Subtle has literally never been my middle name. #otter #otterpride
Everything about your weekend was perfect @ndiblasio #tbt
Never not doing the most ✨
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