(❁´◡`❁) i use after effects

i’m probably gonna edit them THEY MAKE ME SO SOFT
ariana grande sorry this is super simple i was lazzyyyzyzy ac i forgot but im looking for my sis aka the biggest ari stan i know DELETING
bucky barnes my audio dt cath <3
here’s an old stony edit my audio
2K MCU COLLAB! thank you so much for 2k i luv u all <3 • mbf me • tag 2/3 editors • comment a part and an mcu character and back ups for both • characters must be from the mcu! male or female! part 1: part 2: part 3: part 4: part 5: part 6: part 7: part 8: part 9: part 10: part 11: special thanks to my fave for finding the audio i heart her lolol picking parts in a week!
collab w my fave <3 we meant to put marvel women not marvel woman but yknow it is what it is
thor and loki. deserved better. ac beronicasfate this is repost i’m sorry gshsh
loki for predaking☀️ ac lovsoulz [#predakingrp #avengerscult #gloomygrp #infinitygrprct ]
effects warning‼️ king of the clouds. my audio [#predakingrp #avengerscult #gloomygrp #aclubrct #infinitygrprct ]
get you a woman ac plotwistaudios
a queen dt haley 😳 ac i forgot, i’ll look tho [#mcusocietyrct2 ]
🤪 i tried a diff style probably wont do that again transitions are mine ig [#omgpage #omgmcu #avengerscultrct2 #mcusocietyrct2 #aclubrct ]
let them be happy i wanted to add so many more ppl so catch me making a pt 2 one day [#predakingrp #artuategrp #gloomygrp #aclubrct ,,,]
tom hiddleston💘 the cutest for shekinah <3 [#predakingrp #artuategrp ]
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