Tyler Taylor

what does a body good gets wrong

My favorite of Hammons' Kool-Aid drawings
💌 cute noods 💌
First shave : Chuck ‘97 : young dad
🦅 Ambition It’s Free
then. now. forever.
Stretched Madonnas
so where is this old town?
Iconic Villa Bakery in Garden City have unveiled their 4-ft pizza bread - they also remain the GOAT Facebook page in the bakery genre
it’s my six-year Twitter anniversary so I figured I should get political and finally start using it @me
Totally sincere HBD to @jeffkoons who may be a fallen angel but will be with us forever
Six dream matches #Raw25
anyone else roll 3 vincents #googleartsandculture
perfect night to cozy up and learn from the president how to fuck your friends’ wives #fireandfury
support local bootleggers
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