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That moment when a dream turns into a reality is the moment your life begins. Hawaii was dope, but who can guess where @axotalent is going next? 👀🌹
yeah I’m gettin’ cake, yeah it’s no debate 🍰🌹💦
Hop off a jet to a check when I landdd 🛩💸👅 Cruising to the islands this week with @axotalent to make some power moves. Who can guess where we’re headed???😂🌴🌹💦
Missing Hawaii extra today... It's ok though because I've recently been working on something that's a game changer. Who can guess what I'm up to? I'll venmo you $300 if you get it right ;)💰💦🌹
Power moves only. Fun trip to Hawaii with some dope people. Madison adopted a jungle kitty, we got some fire content, we climbed a mountain, and arya fell in love with HMNY📈 🌴💦
Getting sendy in hawaii with the squad stay tuned 👀💦🌹🌴 (📸: @sean_nelles )
Alpha takeover ;) ...a new way to live🌹 (@axotalent ) Song: Porter Robinson - Natural Light San Holo remix
... had to hit the quad flip 🌹;)
ATV sunset dune sesh was a success for the first AXO project ... alphas had a little too much fun whipping the Porsche up to pismo 👀👅🎥🌹💨
RIP to the kid. 21🎈
21, the metamorphosis - "A change in form/nature of a thing/person into a completely different one, by natural or supernatural means." I heard that word last night, and suddenly I found myself in deep thought for almost an hour. It hit me hard because at midnight I am reaching the apex of my childhood. I will no longer be a kid with a dream, but instead a man on a mission. There is no more questioning myself on what I want to do when I grow up ... time has passed, I grew up, the prime is present. When I turned 18 I promised myself that I would never give up on my vision, and from that day forth I dedicated my life to making it more than a dream. It was so untraditional that I knew I would face extreme opposition. The biggest problem I have had in life is not being able to settle, and never feeling content with myself. I literally risked my entire life for a single dream that I just couldn't let go. Stubborn I know, but no matter what obstacles arose I just kept pushing forward and staying positive. Looking back on the journey I took to get here I'm glad I didn't give up, because for once in my life I am satisfied. The day is September 10th, 2017 and I have officially launched an international talent agency at 20 years old. AXO Talent LLC. An agency for the new wave visionaries who have bigger aspirations than filing paperwork Monday-Friday from 9-5. A way for people to focus on what makes them happy by doing what they're most passionate about ... a new way to live🌹 To my family who have supported me since day one, and my friends that believed in me to do the impossible I have nothing but love for the strength, support, & motivation you have given me. You know who you are. It's time to share AXO with the world, and make an impact🌎 Let's live.
The road less traveled. There is only so much we can understand without fully experiencing a moment first hand. Making decisions is not supposed to be simple. Deciding to believe in yourself is something only you can do. There are many that hold creative goals, but few that chase them. When a passion is pursued the vision evolves into the focus, and options become limitless. It is rare that I meet others who see this ideal concept, so when I do I make it a priority to link. When I connected with Michael I knew that the synergy generated from our creativity would unlock a new perspective. I trust his decisions, and that is something which opens up vast possibilities for AXO to flourish. At the rate in which the agency has been developing I have decided to bring on @maromvisuals as a DP. He will be impacting AXO with artistic direction, and new wave content. He is an alpha with a camera, and a genius creator. As the newest addition to AXO I am eager to start traveling the world making moves, and producing the projects we have aligned together. Welcome to the pack🌹📸✈️
For those of you who don't know who I am, or what I do then this is for you. At 20 years old I have hit a prime moment in my life as I have chosen to pursue something bigger than myself. It has taken 3 years for me to develop this vision, and I am beyond stoked that we are now weeks away from the launch. My dreams have faded into what I know as reality, and the life I live has become a cinema. Like I have mentioned in the past, being happy is simply a matter of pursuing what you are passionate about. This is such a cliche phrase, but it is a raw fact. Which is why I have dedicated all of my time into creating an agency which operates by this philosophy. I have been recruiting talented creators, entrepreneurs, models, & alphas to be apart of the wave. To be part of the team you must be either be an impressive content creator/editor/director, knowledgeable digital marketer/influencer/model, or an ambitious entrepreneur/networker/designer. In under 2 months we have been able to recruit 440+ members, contact 150+ brands, & plan 125+ trips around the world for the upcoming year. Within the next month we will be launching our website/app which will allow new talent to apply to work with the team. We have strived to create an influential network that gives people a sense of hope & opportunity to conquer their dreams. Everyone that we bring on the team must have the drive to do something extraordinary with their life, or else they won't prosper with this agency. If you think you have talent to be apart of the exclusive network of alphas, then please feel free to email me. Making strictly power moves, so if you aren't ambitious then don't waste your time. This isn't just an agency, it's a new way to live🌹 (@axotalent )
Before I say anything I would like to explain that this post is not about me; it is about two visionaries that have made a tremendous impact on my life. About four months ago I reached out to two aspiring artists from London about working on a project in Mexico together. I had never worked out of the country before, so getting my first international gig was a huge move. Especially since I was going to be linking up with two extremely talented artists that I admired. As soon as we met I instantly formed a powerful connection with Josh & Alex. It was a wild month in Mexico working with them, but we became brothers. During that month we formed a relationship that I'll always be grateful for. It is beautiful when you are surrounded by people who have the same mindset as you. Fast forward a few months, and I get a message from them saying that they just landed an opportunity that would change their lives. These legends got signed by a major company to do what they love, & travel the world inspiring everyone around them with their work. When I got this news it gave me the chills. Why did it give me the chills? Simple, because they are living proof that there is a new way to live if you pursue what you love🌹 This type of lifestyle is rare to achieve, and the fact that they've done it is phenomenal. It still shocks me to think that not even four months ago we were talking about ideas for the future, and now they are off following their dreams making some of the most impactful content I've ever seen. On their most recent trip to the Philippines they created this edit which showcases how much talent they truly have. It is not easy to travel to a foreign country, and capture the essence of the culture so precisely. Stunning. One of my favorite edits that they have cranked out so far. You're missing out if you don't go over to their pages to give them a follow & check out the full video in their bio. These guys have continuously been one of the most influential teams I have ever met, and it makes me proud to call them my friends- DREAMBEACH X PHILIPPINES (🎥: @alexboulton / @joshstockdalee )
A vision🌹💧
Some of my best thoughts occur whenever I have my head in the clouds (literally ☁️). As I endured over 20 hours of flying these past 3 days I had time to go through applications, edit footage, & plan projects. But looking out the window just thinking, dreaming, & craving was the highlight. I wanted to share some thoughts from my recent flights +ea 💭✈️ Fear is fuel. The day I decided I wanted to start an agency I had no other choice but to change my perspective. I thought to myself I will never take another job based on money, I will only work on projects that I'm passionate about. Happiness is just a choice controlled by your perspective. Simple formula: be yourself, do what you love, & you will be happy. This is an idea that can change the world. A guy next to me on an airplane told me a story about something a pilot told him. He said "many of his passengers think planes are dangerous to fly in. But actually it is a lot more dangerous for a plane to stay on the ground. On the ground the plane starts to rust & malfunction faster than it would if it was in the air." It makes sense because planes were built to live in the skies. Just like every person was built to live out their dreams. It is a tragedy to live a life on the ground, without ever taking off. There was a study done on 100 people asked to reflect on their biggest regrets. Almost all of them said they regretted not what they did, but what they didn't do. The risks they never took & the dreams they didn't chase. Life is not meant to just work, wait for the weekend, and then pay rent. Everyone has their own unique gift. People don't choose dreams, dreams choose them. What is your dream? What gets you stoked? Chase that shit. Will you struggle? Yeah most def, there's no way around it. You will make mistakes? For sure, but no ones counting. Struggle and criticism are prerequisites for greatness. Fear is life, & there are two sides. The fear on the path to success, or the fear of being filled with regret. We have been given the opportunity to live a life. You only get one shot, there's no rewind. The key to your potential is your perspective, and you are the only one capable of seeing it. Look around 👀
Found a private beach off the stretch of the island to chill at💦 Just hit week 3 of this trip & we have caught some major content for this project so far🎥 Of all the places I've been, there is nothing quite like the atmosphere in The Bahamas🇧🇸 (📸: @brettberrylife )
A new wave is coming 💦
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