Charmian Ong

Architect turned ceramicist making pieces in Melbourne, Australia. Enquiries:

A short slide show of how I make my low rim plates. Thanks to @laurenchoooo for capturing me in the studio.
A breakfast bowl, a carafe and a beaker. Beautifully captured by Mel @antlerandmoss.
A throwback to last year’s Winter Art Series with @antlerandmoss. The beautiful capture of my Landscape Beakers from the Winter Woods collection taken by Mel.
I find tall forms quite challenging to throw and tricky to get that straight especially as I get higher. I find that I hold my breath, my arms go wobbly and I am willing it with all my might for it to reach for the stars. It’s quite intense! 😆 Maybe it’s my severe lack of core strength? 😳 Any advice on throwing tall? Thanks to @glenn.england for all her helpful tips and to Mel @antlerandmoss for not only taking this beautiful photo but also for commissioning the piece above.
A beautiful shot of healthy goodness on my high rim plate in Yuki by @phoebeandedith , taken at #thezworkshop #thezworkshoptravels @zucchiniphoto.productions_zpp with @propcoop_syd and @joefilshie !
Huge tray in white stoneware clay with Sumi on the interior base. This baby was so wide it very nearly didn’t fit in my kiln. Liking the toasty interface between the glaze and the raw clay - like looking at a sunset in the horizon. 🌄
This beautiful shot of my high rim plate in Sumi taken by @styling_by_sandra , taken at #thezworkshop @joefilshie @propcoop_syd @zucchiniphoto.productions_zpp. Yumminess prepared by Kate @foodandtravelfairy.
Mugs in Sumi.
Introducing Flame Tumblers as part of #linealearth18 Winter Art Series, a collaboration with @antlerandmoss. Mel and I spoke about this since last year so it has been months in the planning and making. We even had a fun conversation that turned into a spontaneous design session over the phone; she being in Brisbane and I in Melbourne. Only 11 of these tumblers have been released and each stamped with its individual series number, exclusively through @antlerandmoss. She has invited a cohort of serious talent so watch out for pieces by @a_ceramics , @kim_aitken and @nic.ceramics !
A throw back to #landscapebeakers from the last year’s Winter Art series #winterwoods17 taken by Mel @antlerandmoss ! She’s just launched the new Winter Art series titled #linealearth18 . So excited to be a part of this collaboration and to work with Mel again. X 📷 : @antlerandmoss
A pourer in Yuki.
A breakfast bowl in Umi. The breakfast bowl has undergone a few changes since 2015. These days the breakfast bowl is spotting a straighter look with an ever so slight rounded off edge at base. I think this reads better when placed next to the low rim / high rim plate or the shallow rim platter.
A tea bowl in Sumi. Weather like this makes me want to drink lots of hot tea and stay snug.
Shallow rim platters in Sumi and Yuki. Making more of these while waiting for planters to dry enough for turning.
My planters with recessed drip trays in production right now. Designed a year ago (nerd fact: from sectional drawings) as I wanted a design where the drip tray was better integrated with the planter and not as an after thought. They are difficult to do and challenging as precision is required and involves a multiple stage process. Interestingly I use nearly double the amount of clay a normal planter requires and the time it takes is also a lot longer. Video in highlight section of bio 👆.
My shallow rim platter in Yuki being put to creative use by Georgie @propcoop_syd and captured by @joefilshie from @zucchiniphoto.productions_zpp ! Warm green salad on this cold Melbourne day has never looked so enticing!
New shape. I made this pouring bowl for my husband who has recently found his inner chef in the kitchen. 👨‍🍳 This bowl made especially for scrambling some eggs or as my girls call it ‘daddy’s famous eggs’.
Mugs in Yuki. These two look like they are nestling into each other and in deep conversation! Haha. Hope everyone had a lovely weekend and hope all mama bears out there had a lovely Mother’s Day. I had breakfast in bed surrounded by handmade and store bought gifts from my 2 little girls. Husband was even on his best behaviour the whole day to make sure I was feeling pampered. Bless! #wisheverysundaywasmothersday
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