Italian US Army

Biassi and 19🇮🇹AHS 🔓💰Philly boy💰. Philly➡NJ 😒. Class of 2017. RDL CONSTRUCTION. Snapchat; biassi_calabria. Philly4Life💯

Another good day with the boys was rockin the shirtless😂 and we was killin shit💯.
🔥💯(No caption)💯🔥........😂
Ladies need to get yourself a Biassi he loyal ash and he’ll treat you right 💯😂😂😂
How happy I’m tryna be this summer 💯😂
Really Shitty day but had hella fun with my boys 💯
Ya boy gots a big day tomorrow 😁
Be on that ragu flow @young.ragu
Already know how we was coming yesterday 😂💨
Had a great time at @skirmishusapaintball the battle of Stalingrad with my boys, and experienced some crazy ass moments with them💯💪.
Congrats to my boy Troy on graduating the police academy, My boy making moves out here congrats on joining the South Jersey police department my blood 💉💯 @gramsycrew
Start of 2018 ft my guy Johnny
Christmas Eve shit
Facts 💯😂
Smoking all the stress away 🔥🍁🚬
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