"For a long time we continued our ride without exchanging a word; he talked constantly to himself, but since my mustang followed ten steps behind him, all I heard was his mumbling. Once in a while he grabbed his rifle and talked to it, now abusively, now affectionately; he lifted it to a shooting position, dropped it again, laughed wildly. Occassionally he bent over his saddle as if looking for some object on the ground. Again he broke out in his hollow, devilish laughter, which was followed by a fit of moaning. I prayed for an early end of our journey."
1994-1995. Burden, Miro, Zalopany, Baselitz, Ouattara Watts.
1988-2008, in no particular order. Twombly, Burden, Hirst, Hopper, Cecily Brown, Burden
May, 2004. Having scattered our dog's ashes.
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