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Artist available for commissions. Specializing in Watercolour and Pen & Ink. Showcasing my art and small digestible bits of everyday life

What a wonderful week. So ready for the days to come. Thanks for staying with us @falloutcub ! ❤️❤️
Today marks an amazing eight years married to the best man I have ever had the pleasure of knowing. He’s kind, creative, honest and sincere. I am the luckiest guy on Earth. The Happiest of anniversaries to you, my love, my Nathan. #gayforyou #anniversary #bestever #gay
I found my next big painting. Giggity. #artistsoninstagram #artideas
A wee throw back to when I had my own Zoo. Then some tourist came over and asked to have them for his daughter. #sticky
Did a thing. If you want to see weiner posts and weiner pics, go follow our little @weinerbeanz #dogagram #everyoneelseisdoingit
Thanks @falloutcub for the shot. #loveit
Happiest of Prides to everyone out there!! #yyj #pride
Just two dudes enjoying a burger, a beer and each other. @nazo_sc_hnr #happypride
It’s finally drawn and ready for colour. I’ll be starting this big boy, 40”x 60”, at the TD Gallery Paint-in on July 21st. Stop by and say hello. Not sure where @nazo_sc_hnr and I’ll be located but we’ll make sure you know when we know. #bigasssummerpiece2018 #yyj #artist Thanks to @nazo_sc_hnr for the flick.
SQUAD! Happy Canada Day to you and your SQUAD!!
Serendipitous meet-up today. Good times. Good laughs. Good people.
It was so awesome to get to see my Mom, Aunt Doonie and Uncle Drew for a quick visit over the last few days. I don’t get to see my Mom as much as I want to. I am ecstatic that I get to see her again, as well as my brother and nephew in a month time.
So many hours of drawing and erasing. Discovering every inch of Victoria’s Chinatown/Old town, enjoying every second of it. 40”x 60”. #bigasssummerpiece2018
I’m a lucky guy. #gayforyou
It’s coming along. #BigAssSummerPiece2018 is coming along nicely. Once the pencil sketch is complete I’ll be ready for the TD Art Gallery Paint-in on July 21st. #thisisvic #artist #yyj
Finding it really difficult to leave this piece for the day and go to work... #yyj #artist #thisisvic #stayingcreative
It’s been a wonderful few days. So good! #thisisvic #daschundsofinstagram #thebears
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