Brandon Coley Cox

Iowa City, IA Bmore Native, NYer At Large, Proud Yalie, BlickityBlackity, Exorcist, Healer, Champ Critic, Visiting Asst Professor, Grant Wood Fellow

My studio has flooded. 6" of water and rising!
The art world has suffered a major loss. Peggy was the first major collector to purchase my work. She has pieces from every body of work I've made. She's been so supportive over the years as a friend, mentor, and colleague. She did so much for so many. She will be sorely missed. Rest in Power Peggy 💞 What is going to happen with her collection?? It deserves a major institutional exhibition and home.
Chile I need a local one to help me lift this 300 lb piece in the studio. Any takers?
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When you think I'm spouting conspiracy theories, but I graduated with honors from Yale, did the research in their vast libraries, wrote research papers on these same topics that got graded with A's, and all you have are arguments from silence and literally nothing else. #issaintellectualthing #bitchplease #pleasedosomeresearch #pleasedrawconnectionsfromsaidresearch #woopsyouvedonenoresearch #biiiitch #listen #icanactuallyhelpyou
It's the breakfast of champions.
Black History Tidbit #9 : What is a Jew(el)?
Black History Tidbit #8 (con't) #blackhistory #africanhistory #worldhistory
Black History Tidbit #8 : The Active Flooding of Nubia's Ancient Sites #blackhistory #africanhistory #worldhistory
Black History Tidbit #7 : You Betta Know Ya History Cuz Others Do (and they're using it against you while you twerk to death) #blackhistory #worldhistory #knowthyself
Black History Moment: When you KNOW you killed it for all history.. Whitney Muthafuckin Houston. They played this daily in my elementary school over the intercom & I literally have black excellence ingrained in my mind. #blackchristening #blackhistory #americanhistory #thevoice #whitneyhouston
Choose your crew wisely. #happyloveday
Mom has always been my one true Valentine. Love with no double talk, no stabbing words, no conditions. Just understanding & movement forward. . That's how I want & deserve to be loved. #unconditionally #happyvday #happyeveryday
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