Dan Thiry

Brand Marketing Manager @bodybuildingcom #bbcomambassador

#bbcomambassador @bmacon6986 traveled all the way from Tennessee to lift @bodybuildingcom. This guy is a stud. Who’s coming to see us next in #idaho #bbcomflexwall #buildyourbody #bodybuildingcom
BFE 2018 is in the books. Another great turnout by the #bbcomambassador crew! Such an fun,energetic, and motivating group. Who’s coming to #thefitexpo San Jose, July 21st and 22nd? #bodybuildingcom #squad #fitness #team #buildyourbody #bestself @bodybuildingcom
48 hour #bbcomambassador deadlift challenge. Weight lifted to bodyweight ratio. Ps. @jared.rex is a darn FREAK 🦍 Post, tag, hashtag, tag me. GO!!! Winner will get a nice hookup of Signature.
#bbcomambassador @victoriousvanetza pack your bags, we going to the UK and you’re coming with us. . ✈️🇬🇧Congrats!! 🎉🎈
48 hour #bbcomambassador challenge. Overhead barbell press compared to body weight. This is 205 lbs at current body weight of 168= a ratio of 1.22 🏋🏽‍♂️ Post a video, tag @bb.comambassador and #buildyourbody . Best weight to Bodyweight ratio gets TWO 2lb signature whey birthday cake. One for you and one for your next giveaway. Tag your fellow ambassadors and let’s see who can lift some weight. @stx2brx @thatisdiep @hudsonje88 @chendonrn @body_by_bryan let’s see it. 👀 @bodybuildingcom @413_apparel @officialbetterbodies @reebok
IssaWRAP. #bbcomambassador killed it at SLC @fitcon. Plus we celebrated @desb___ #jordanyear #23 AND got to hang out with 2018 spokesmodel champ @kylerjacksonfitness. Now it’s time for TEAM Dinner. #bestself #buildyourbody @bodybuildingcom
Look who is in the office today shooting content and Fb Live👀There is NO better dude in the industry than @krisgethin Always great catching up! Kris will be joining me at BodypowerUK too! @bodybuildingcom #bbcomambassador
Congrats to our recent campaign winners @goodjobcobb and @dianduong. 2 very deserving ambassadors 🙏🏽 Cant wait for you to join us at SLC FitCon April 6th and 7th. @bodybuildingcom @bb.comteam #bbcomambassador #buildyourbody