Flash Is MY LIFE⚡️

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Day 9: Favorite season is 3 (I think the best season so far)
This is like the most obvious on #jitters
Day 7: Captain Cold ❄️
Day 6: Pied Piper #15daysofflash
Day 5: you probably already know who this is (H.R)
Day 4 2 Favorite speedsters
Barry is the winner. Thanks to everyone who voted
Favorite 4 flash episodes Duet episode Flash vs arrow. Flashpoint and. Flash reborn
Iris is gone. Barry and Cisco are left make your last choice in the comments
Day 2 : Favorite ship- Paddy and Barry (Baddy) ❤️😂
Day 1 Favorite Character. HR Wells
Oliver is out. We are down to our last three
Seeing Barry like that made me 😭. Who else is ready for the new episode of THE FLASH #theflash #cw #barryallen #lovetheflash
Mon-el is out let’s make the next vote
Goodby to Kara who do you want out next, make your next vote
Felicity is now out who do you vote for now
Diggle is now out make your next vote
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