Banita Sandhu

that girl from that film

The most wonderful distraction from my looming deadlines 🇬🇧
Only a week left until I’m done with Uni FOREVEEEEERRR 🤓📖🎓
back to my roots
BTS of #October . This was the hardest part for me; I hardly ate, slept or even drank water on these shoot days. I went too method with Shiuli that I was beginning to make myself ill. The crew would literally have to force feed me and try to make me laugh to get me through the long hours at the hospital. If it wasn’t for them, I would’ve exhausted myself. They’re the real heroes of this movie. 💗 p.s. may not have been the most glamorous debut but make-up still took 4 hours lol
🚦rebel without a cause🚦
Omfghsaisyehjefaahhhhhh I just died and went to fangirl heaven 👼🏽 @mindykaling my little sister has never found me cool until she saw this!! You look absolutely stunning on the @elleindiaofficial cover. Make sure you guys get yourselves a copy!! You might just find Bani G in there too 🤙🏽 (thank you @rahulvijay1988 for making this happen 😭🙏🏽❤️)
waiting for my essays to finish themselves liiiiiike
where i’d rather be
from coma to camo...
Happy happy birthday, my darling Dan 💘 I hope you find me funnier this year x (p.s. I won’t tell anyone that this pic was taken right before I put you in a headlock)
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