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... a new way to live🌹

“Scared of heights my love?” Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it. Taking in some island views with @ishavdijk 🏝 If she told you to jump, would you?
... a full send from Hawaii💦 Did we have too much fun? That’s for you to decide;) Dope content on the way👀🌹
The world idolizes originality. Stop trying to replicate others & start focusing on creating yourself. This industry is crowded with too much imitation, and not enough genuine inspiration. The emergence of the untraditional career path has made it possible to follow your intuitions, and design a lucrative lifestyle out of the talents you’re most passionate about. However, this new wave style of living is not easy to achieve, and it is simple to get lost in the sauce without a game plan. It is critical to not get caught up in the hype of what everyone else is doing. You have a dream, and it will never come to fruition unless you make the right moves. Block out any negative influences in your life, and only surround yourself with people that see the vision. It is obvious that there’s a new way to live, so what’s holding you back? No one becomes the best by sitting back & watching life pass by. Get up, get pumped, and make moves... 🌹
Few big players in the pack went on tour with A$AP Mob recently to shoot a couple performances. Elite alpha @michaelmarom captured this fuego shot of pretty flacko jodye in his element. Strictly making power moves out here, & there’s no slowing up🌹💦💰
Having a career in the creative industry is something that has no secret formula. No one can tell you how to do it, or what you were meant to create. It’s up to you to find yourself, be original, and fulfill your potential. Producing quality content is not rocket science, but it does require fuel. Passion fuels everything, especially when it comes to creativity. “Be who you were created to be, not who they want you to be...” Simple yet wise words from one of the best photographers in the game @brightong. A clear cut example of what it means to be a successful creator. Not only has he made an impact with his impressive portfolio of work, but he has inspired countless individuals along the way with his philosophy. Take notes, and contact him if you want fire photos🔥Stop holding back & turn your vision into a reality. Life happens once... blink & you might miss it ;)🌹
A few new alpha recruits posted up on the cliffs after a fun shoot last weekend🎥💦One of the best things about AXO is the amount of creative talent that we harness. The alpha pack is growing faster than ever, and it's only just the start. So many saucy projects in the works, who's ready👀👅🌹
Squad trip to Hawaii = success✖️Juicy shots captured here by alpha @sean_nelles as a wild @madds cruises through the hillside in her natural element #daddyshome 👅
Whipping up major projects in Hawaii 👀💦🌴 Maui then Oahu ...stay tuned🌹 (📸: @sean_nelles )
Are you ready? Doesn't matter, the alphas are taking over the industry regardless. There's a new way to live, and the world is ours. Power moves only, it's time⚡️ Preview of huge things coming, stay tuned🌹 (Edit: @chanhldtru x @blakedacake ) (Song: @porterrobinson - Natural Light San Holo Remix)
With everything happening in the world today it is critical to remember that you have one chance to leave your legacy. Life is rare, and no one can live your life but you. Take advantage of the world around you, explore the uncharted, and unlock your potential. "you are born & then you die ... what you decide to do in between is up to you" Pure facts being spoken by Carson, the legend of laguna. He's pushing content that makes a real impact, and his creative perspective is rare. Get out of your comfort zone, do the impossible, and be original. Live now 🌹 (Alpha: @carssun ☀️)
wake up... there's a new way to live 🌹💨
Whipped the Porsche up to the dunes for an epic sunset ATV sesh with a few alphas. The pack got some crazy content, and we can't wait to throw these projects together. Plenty more days like this in the works. Huge things coming soon, stay tuned 🌹💨 ( Alpha: @dillybong )
There's no time to sleep when you're living in a dream 🌹☁️
Without creativity life becomes dull. It is the power of possibly that provides a window of opportunity for an individual to excel. If you never try, you will never know. Preston is a tremendously talented artist with a brilliant creative mind. If you're looking to capture the perfect essence of any moment then reach out to him today. His skill with a camera is astonishing, and the quality of his work speaks for itself. We look forward to seeing his visions come into fruition, as he is designing some unique projects which will premiere in the near future 🎨 (Alpha: @prestonsaunders )
Recently one of our Alpha recruits moved from Hawaii -> California to chase his passions, & elevate his lifestyle. Its safe to say that he's on his way to achieving incredible goals as he has been making strides in the industry. Chase is not only doing what he loves now, but he's also making a living from it by working with AXO. He will be putting together a squad to work on his next few projects, and ultimately creating a dream to to travel with him as he expands his career globally. Here are some raw moments from his experiences in California so far. Make sure to check out his page, and contact him with any project ideas / brand collaborations. Be quick though, because he's constantly making power moves and you don't want to miss out on what is coming soon 🌹 (Alpha: @chaseasuncion )
... a new way to live 🌹∞ (hit the link in the bio to join the movement & take your talents to the next level)