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Fun in the sun. ☀️ 🌴laughter is the best medicine. #autumncalabrese #teamac #laugh #vacation #fun
Booty work, day 62 in the books with my bestie @coachedbycat Lateral band crawls to surrenders. 😰🍑 #autumncalabrese #teamac #80dayobsession #glutes
They say summer bodies are made in the winter. Yes, that’s true but with @80dayobsession you can start right now and still have that “summer body” by June! JS link in profile to get started today. #autumncalabrese #teamac #80dayobsession #glutes #miami
Day 62, Cardio Core is in the books, time to soak up the Miami sun! ☀️ 🌴 #autumncalabrese #teamac #80dayobsession #cardio
Every great achievement has to start somewhere. Maybe it’s the gym to improve your fitness, the kitchen to improve your nutrition, school to improve your mind. Whatever it is, wherever it is don’t be afraid to be a beginner & work toward being better. We’re on day 60! That’s amazing but think about it, really, that’s only 2 months! That’s it, just 2 months in and look how far you have come!!! We have 20 workouts to go. Keep pushing, keep learning, keep growing. #autumncalabrese #teamac #80dayobsession #strongereveryday
Dem gains doe. You getten yours?! 🍑🍑🍑 #autumncalabrese #teamac #80dayobsession #bootyfordays #gains
This is one of my first, if not THE first, fitness photo shoot I’ve ever done. This pic is almost 9 years old, taken a few months after Dom was born. I had all the fear in the world about wether or not I would “make it” in the fitness industry. I didn’t even have a clear definition of what it would mean to me to “Make it.” I just knew I wanted to help people & be able to take care of my self & my family while doing it. There were a lot of bumps in the road, so many doors closed, no slammed in my face. So much fear & anxiety. But I believed in myself and I believed in my dream more. I wasn’t going to let my fear or anyone else’s negativity stop me from doing & being the best version of me. Here I am 9 years later, happy, proud, with a job that I can’t really call a job because I love it so much. I’ve traveled the world, met amazing people, made new friends and helped hundreds of thousands of people change the direction of their health and fitness. What if I would have let fear or self doubt stop me? That’s not even a life I want to imagine. Go for your dreams. Don’t ever let anyone tell you you can’t, ESPECIALLY YOURSELF. #autumncalabrese #teamac #80dayobsession #believe #nofear
Day 59 is in the books. I think my face says it all, that was a doozy. Just 21 more workouts to go!!! I can’t believe we are almost finished with this round of 80 Day Obsession. How are you feeling on this Hump day? #autumncalabrese #teamac #80dayobsession #legday #humpday
This is a transformation I had to share! I’ve know @kristina_delgado since the beginning of my journey with Beachbody. She was a part of the original 21 Day Fix test group, crushed it and ended up in the infomercial. That’s where I met her, on the set. We became fast friends and I’ve watched her journey over the years. Always kicking butt and leading by example. A year and a half ago we had a serious conversation. She talked to me about the fact that she gained 20lbs and couldn’t seem to get it off. Ok let me be honest, this part I’ve never shared, I watch, that’s what i do. I’m a trainer, I observe behavior and help adjust. But someone has to be completely ready for my help for me to bring it up. When Kristina and I talked I knew that she was being to lenient with her nutrition. There were a few to many margarita and food posts on social to say she was on point with nutrition. But someone has to come to that conclusion on their own, when they are ready is when I can do my job. When the 80 Day Obsession test group came up I messaged her and said “I want you in it. Let’s see what’s really going on with your body. If you don’t lose weight on this program we know there’s an issue and it will be good to talk to your doc.” - I know kristina and I knew she’d give it 110% boy did she. This is her progress. The pic on the left taken at summit a few weeks before the test group began. Pic on the right today after 2 rounds of 80 Day Obsession. I can’t celebrate her enough for stepping up to the challenge, taking the control back, acknowledging what she could do to improve her fitness and trusting me to lead her back to her healthiest self! It’s not easy but it can be done. #autumncalabrese #teamac #80dayobsession #youcandohardthings
Earn an invite to the exclusive "Obsessed with Coaching" group hosted by YOURS TRULY if you sell or purchase (new Coaches only) an 80 Day Obsession Challenge Pack or Completion Pack by April 23rd. This is your chance to get the MY perspective on how to grow your Coach business using the 80 Day Obsession program. I will be interviewing leaders each week to help teach you. The Facebook group kicks off on April 23rd. Qualifying Coaches will receive an email with group access instructions. Visit FAQ 8270 for more information. #autumncalabrese #teamac #80dayobsession #coaching
Have you watched this weeks Weekly Obsession? We’re having fun and in the flow. See what the cast has to say about this weeks workouts. #autumncalabrese #teamac #80dayobsession
If you want to get fit you have to give away only one thing. Your excuses. Never miss a Monday! Today’s workout is one of my favorites, I’m up and ready to rock this Monday! How about you? #autumncalabrese #teamac #80dayobsession #weightloss #fitlife #mompreneur #monday
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