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Mid-day recharge with my @shakeology definitely needing the pick-me-up today. #autumncalabrese #teamac #80dayobsession #nutrition #fuel #food
Last workout before summit is in the books!!! . Be brave enough to challenge your limits. Every day make the choice to be brave, to step outside your comfort zone, to do something that will improve yourself & your life. NEVER MISS A MONDAY. #autumncalabrese #teamac #80dayobsession #fitlife #booty 🍑
Happy Fathers Day!!! Never did I ever dream I’d get to have my whole family living out here in Los Angeles with me, I count my blessings every day & am so thankful we’re all back together. Thanks dad for always being there for us. We love you. ❤️ #autumncalabrese #teamac #fathersday #family
He’s so excited about his new phone. This one was EARNED. He’s been asking for it for months. His first phone was several years old & completely died a few days ago, but he’s been begging for a new one for months. Every time I was ready to get it he would do something that set the purchase back. Breaking a rule, giving me a hard time, you know the normal kid stuff but he finally earned it & is so proud and excited. Gotta teach them the value of the things they want. #autumncalabrese #teamac #parenting #momofboys
Not deprived, DEDICATED. Not starving, FUELED FOR HER GOALS. Not working out hours on end, working out CONSISTENTLY. Health is a choice, fit is a choice. It’s not that some are lucky and others aren’t. It’s that some are determined, dedicated and ok with making some sacrifices for the bigger picture. WHY NOT YOU? Are you ready? Link in bio to follow the same program Kim has followed. . Kim’s Story: Hey friends here’s some motivation for you!! I started with Autumn Calabrese on 1/14/2018 in her coach test group. 👉🏻Round 1 phase 1 I did meal plan A but I was STARVING so by phase 2 I switched to B and stuck with B throughout my journey. 💪🏻💦Workouts Round 1 was 80 day obsession and on Saturdays on occasion I would do a run with friends for fun ☺️. 👉🏻Round 2 NUTRITION- Meal plan B and starting 2 weeks ago I have been doing 21 day fix extreme countdown to competition (as per Autumn’s suggestion in prep for Beachbody Classic competition) 2 days I eat lower carbs (never gave up performance line or Shakeology) and then 1 day I’ve been doing 80 day timed nutrition. 💪🏻💦Workouts-since I’m out of the test group I’ve been subbing my 80 day cardio days for gym days. I’m a runner at heart and I’m so READY to start racing again once the Beachbody physique competition is over. So I’ve been doing some tread intervals on cardio days. You guys 80 day obsession LITERALLY CHANGED my life. I could cry so hard about it you have no idea. The nutrition is KEY to this program so don’t mess that part up ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ Have a great weekend everyone 🙌🏻 ❤️ Coach Kim 💪🏻😘 #autumncalabrese #teamac #80dayobsession #fixate #fitness #foodisfuel
Key to success: Start where you stand & finish what you start. Don’t compare yourself to anyone else. Everyone is at a different place in their journey so only focus on where YOU are at and where YOU are going. And always finish what you start. Make time for you, and give it your all. One of my favorite moves from today. Negative Hinge biceps curls. Back for 3 counts, up on the one. Core stays tight the entire time. You’ll feel your biceps, core, quads & glutes all working on this one. 15 reps, 2 sets. #autumncalabrese #teamac #80dayobsession #biceps #core #workout
It was an honor to be a guest speaker at @mentalhealthamerica today. Fit for the future was the theme of the conference, I think this is so important to talk about even more. The more we take care of ourselves the more fit we are both physically & mentally. It’s not just about how we look, that is a byproduct of taking care of ourselves. It’s more about how we feel, how we go through this life, so we age with grace or dis-ease? So much of that is in our hands based on how we take care of ourselves. It’s time to work together, the doctors, the natural healers & the patients to get us to the best, healthiest most vibrant place possible. We are the future, our kids our the future, let’s work together to make it bright. #autumncalabrese #teamac #80dayobsession #fitforthefuture #fitlife #health #wellness #mentalhealth
I hear ALL of the excuses about why people are waiting to get started on a fitness routine or why they can’t eat healthy right now. I’m calling BS on it, not to be a brat but because I KNOW if it’s important to you, & you have some guidance it’s TOTALLY POSSIBLE. I’m in the thick of the busiest summer I’ve ever had. I was in NY a little over a week ago for my Today show appearance, today I leave LA for a 24 hour trip to DC for an event. I’m back in Los Angeles tomorrow night for 3 days before leaving for Indy for our biggest Beachbody event of the year. I’ll be there for 6 days & fly straight to NY for my next Today show appearance. I’m home for a week & then take Dom on vacation for 5 days, home for 3 then head to Utah for a 4 day retreat. Back from Utah for 2 days, fly back to NY. I also have a news appearance and a photo shoot here in LA in between that before I make one more trip back to NY. Oh ya and I’m opening a restaurant with my brother & working on something fun with Beachbody. SOOOOO too busy isn’t an excuse, traveling isn’t an excuse, summer isn’t an excuse. What I know is in this crazy awesome life my one constant IS my fitness & nutrition. That’s what gives me my energy to do all the things I’m doing, to stay healthy, to be strong & confident while I’m doing it. So if you’re ready to lose the excuses & find the results click the link in my bio and let’s do this. #autumncalabrese #teamac #80dayobsession #health #wellness #fitlife
Such an honor to be ranked #43 on the 100 Most Influential People In Health & Fitness list by @greatist to see the full list check out my IG stories. #autumncalabrese #teamac #80dayobsession #greatist #health #fitness
Cardio’s always a doozy! 💦 #autumncalabrese #teamac #80dayobsession #cardio #core #abs
They say you are what you eat so don’t be fast, cheap, easy or fake. Well, I definitely agree with the fake part but the other stuff leaves a little room for negotiation. Good food doesn’t have to be crazy expensive, it also doesn’t have to take forever to prepare and can be easy to make. But you really ARE WHAT YOU EAT. What you eat becomes your blood & your blood pumps through your entire body, nourishing your cells, your organs, it affects your thoughts and your actions. So what you eat is important & it can also get confusing. Start with the basics, when picking your produce fresh is best, local is even better. Our bodies are designed to eat the food native & local to where we live so what my body might crave living in California for 15 years might be different than someone who’s lived there entire life in New York. Pick organic when you can & know the dirty dozen. Those are the 12 fruits and veggies that pesticides & herbicides are used the most on & the ones that are most important to buy organic. If you don’t have a farmers market near you or good quality produce near you frozen & canned are ok. Frozen grits and veggies are usually flash frozen shortly after being picked so they retain a lot of their nutrients. With canned foods watch out for sodium and know that some can can be lined with chemicals. Last commercial produce is ok but always wash it and again watch out for the dirty dozen. 🍎🍐🍊🍋🥝🍓🍇🍍🍉🍌🥑🥦🥒🌽🥕🥔🍠 #autumncalabrese #teamac #80dayobsession #food #cleaneating #health #wellness
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